International Law E-Books Online, Collection 2024

Series:  International Law and Human Rights E-Books Online, Volume: 2024 and  International Law E-Books Online, Volume: 2024
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Brill´s International Law E-Books Online, Collection 2024 is the electronic version of the book publication program of Brill in the field of International Law in 2024.

Public International Law, Law of the Sea, International Trade Law, International Labour Law, Environmental Law, European Law, International Relations, International Organizations , Terrorism, Legal History, Islamic Law

This E-Book Collection is part of Brill´s International Law E-Books Online Collection.

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The Adjudicator’s Toolkit and the Force of International Law
Comparing Trade and Investment Disputes
Publication Date: 06 Jun 2024
African Law(s)
Comparative Insights on the African Lawscape
Publication Date: 29 Sep 2023
The Afterlives of Extraction
Alternatives and Sustainable Futures
Publication Date: 30 Oct 2023
Asian Yearbook of International Law, Volume 27 (2021)
Publication Date: 20 Nov 2023
Belonging to the West: Geopolitical Myths and Identity in Modern Greece
A Study of Analytical Geopolitics
Publication Date: 13 Nov 2023
Chinese Legal Reforms
Transformations in a Decade
By: Lu Xu
Publication Date: 22 Apr 2024
The Concept of Necessity in International Law and the World Trade Organization
History, Lessons, and Prospects
Publication Date: 30 May 2024
Constitutionalism and Transnational Governance Failures
Publication Date: 11 Mar 2024
Courts and Diversity
Twenty Years of the Constitutional Court of Indonesia
Publication Date: 04 Mar 2024
COVID-19 “Humanitarianism”
Geopolitical Logics of Chinese, American, and Russian Assistance
Publication Date: 30 Apr 2024
The Duty to Safeguard the Object and Purpose of Pending Treaties
A Closer Examination of Article 18 VCLT
Publication Date: 25 Sep 2023
The EU's Conceptualisation of the Rule of Law in its External Relations
Case Studies on Development Cooperation and Enlargement
Publication Date: 04 Sep 2023
Global Public Goods and Sustainable Development in the Practice of International Organizations
Responding to Challenges of Today’s World
Publication Date: 07 Nov 2023
Global Risks and International Law
The Case of Climate Change and Pandemics
Publication Date: 11 Dec 2023
Hospitality & Construction Disputes Post-Covid
Publication Date: 20 Nov 2023
International Law as Constructive Resistance towards Peace and Justice
Editor(s): Makoto Seta and Yota Negishi
Publication Date: 01 Jul 2024
International Standardization and Trade Regulation
Exploring Linkages between International Standardization Organizations and International Trade Agreements
Publication Date: 08 Jan 2024
International Watercourses Law and Multilateral Environmental Agreements
A Case for the Integrated Protection and Preservation of Shared Inland Water Ecosystems
By: Yang Liu
Publication Date: 06 Feb 2024
An Introduction to the African Union Environmental Treaties
Publication Date: 07 Nov 2023
Liability and Compensation for Offshore Oil Pollution Damage in the Arctic
Comparing Norwegian and Russian Law
Publication Date: 15 Jan 2024
The Lives of Extraction
Identities, Communities and the Politics of Place
Publication Date: 13 Nov 2023
National Space Law and Policy in the Republic of Korea
A Comprehensive Analysis of the Present Landscape and Proposals for the Future Legal Framework
Publication Date: 11 Mar 2024
New Zealand Yearbook of International Law
Volume 19, 2021
Publication Date: 18 Dec 2023
The Nile in Legal and Political Perspective
Between Change and Continuity
Publication Date: 20 Oct 2023
Non-Pecuniary Private Benefits in Publicly Traded Corporations
How Involuntary Dissolution Statute May Be the Solution
Publication Date: 29 Sep 2023
Private International Law: A Hungarian Perspective
Publication Date: 06 May 2024
The Quest for Power in the UNSC
The Campaigns and Selection of Non-permanent Members
Publication Date: 07 Nov 2023
Reducing Emissions of Short-Lived Climate Pollutants
Perspectives on Law and Governance
Publication Date: 11 Dec 2023
Regime Interaction in International Forest Law
The Role of Secondary Law of Forest-related Multilateral Environmental Agreements
Publication Date: 20 Oct 2023
Reimagining Legal Pluralism in Africa
Balancing Indigenous, State, and Religious Laws
Publication Date: 30 May 2024
Rights of Individuals in an Earth Observation and Satellite Navigation Environment
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of New Space
Publication Date: 13 Nov 2023
The South China Sea Dispute as International Law and Politics
Discovering the Role of Law in Times of Power Shift
Publication Date: 02 Apr 2024
Teaching International Law
Publication Date: 18 Dec 2023
Uncrewed Vessels and International Law
Publication Date: 14 Jun 2024
World Trade, Child Labour and Transnational Constitutionalism
The Case for a New Legal Humanism
Publication Date: 12 Feb 2024
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