Brill's Companions to the Christian Tradition

A series of handbooks and reference works on the intellectual and religious life of Europe, 500-1800

Christopher M. Bellitto
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Volumes deal with persons, movements, schools and genres in medieval and early modern Christian life, thought and practice. Written by the foremost specialists in the respective fields, they aim to provide full balanced accounts at an advanced level, as well as synthesis of debate and the state of scholarship in eight to fifteen substantial chapters. Volumes are in English. The series' editor-in-chief is Christopher M. Bellitto.
A Companion to Richard FitzRalph
Fourteenth-Century Scholar, Bishop, and Polemicist
Volume 105
Editor(s): Michael W. Dunne and Simon Nolan
A Companion to Catholicism and Recusancy in Britain and Ireland
From Reformation to Emancipation
Volume 101
Editor(s): Robert E. Scully SJ
A Companion to the Reformation in Scotland, c.1525–1638
Frameworks of Change and Development
Volume 100
Editor(s): Ian Hazlett
A Companion to Byzantine Iconoclasm
Volume 99
Editor(s): Mike Humphreys
A Companion to the English Dominican Province  
From Its Beginnings to the Reformation 
Volume 97
A Companion to the Reformation in Geneva
Volume 96
Editor(s): Jon Balserak
A Companion to Boniface
Volume 92
Editor(s): Michel Aaij and Shannon Godlove
A Companion to the Hussites
Volume 90
A Companion to Birgitta of Sweden
and Her Legacy in the Later Middle Ages
Volume 89
Editor(s): Maria H. Oen
A Companion to Twelfth-Century Schools
Volume 88
Editor(s): Cédric Giraud
A Companion to Isidore of Seville
Volume 87
Editor(s): Andrew Fear and Jamie Wood
A Companion to John Scottus Eriugena
Volume 86
Editor(s): Adrian Guiu
A Companion to Heresy Inquisitions
Volume 85
A Companion to William of Saint-Thierry
Volume 84
Editor(s): F. Tyler Sergent
A Companion to James of Viterbo
Volume 81
A Companion to Jesuit Mysticism
Volume 78
A Companion to Joachim of Fiore
Volume 75
A Companion to Job in the Middle Ages
Volume 73
A Companion to Giles of Rome
Volume 71
A Companion to the Medieval Papacy
Growth of an Ideology and Institution
Volume 70
Editor(s): Atria Larson and Keith Sisson
A Companion to Medieval Christian Humanism
Essays on Principal Thinkers
Volume 69
A Companion to Colette of Corbie
Volume 66
A Companion to the Responses to Ockham
Volume 65
A Companion to the Premodern Apocalypse
Volume 64
Editor(s): Michael A. Ryan
A Companion to Gregory of Tours
Volume 63
Editor(s): Alexander C. Murray
A Companion to Alfred the Great
Volume 58
A Companion to John of Salisbury
Volume 57
Edited by Christopher M. Bellitto, Kean University (website)
Non-specialist professionals and graduate (or otherwise advanced) students in theology, philosophy, intellectual history, medieval, renaissance and reformation history
"These Companions are go-to resources for teaching and research: they gather the latest scholarship on a huge range of authors, themes, and places in medieval and early modern Europe." - Ann Blair, Harvard University
"The Brill Companions have already established themselves as the ‘go to’ resource for students and academics who are looking not only for informed evaluation of the latest research as well as indications of the most up-to-date literature on a particular theme and topic, but also for the stimulus to re-evaluate their significance. Collectively they offer both encyclopaedic breadth as well as interpretative depth of treatment." - Simon Ditchfield, University of York
"The range of the Companions’ topics is impressive. Each volume offers an immensely useful series of articles which contrive to be both authoritative surveys and independent interpretations." - Rosamond McKitterick, University of Cambridge
"The Brill Companions offer sure-footed guides to key issues in Christian and European history, useful for newcomers to a topic and for anyone seeking insights into recent research. Conceptualized and written by the leading scholars in a field, they are indispensable sources of information on fundamental issues and debates." - Merry Wiesner-Hanks, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
"The Brill Companions to the Christian Tradition have established themselves as indispensable guides for those who study and teach medieval and early modern Christian history. Written by leading specialists, they present and evaluate superbly the persons, movements, and schools that have shaped the intellectual and religious life of Europe." - Gerald O'Collins, SJ, emeritus professor Gregorian University (Rome)
"Brill’s Companions to the Christian Tradition has made major contributions to the study of the history of Christianity for well over a decade now, presenting cutting-edge scholarship on a host of significant figures and movements over many centuries." - Bernard McGinn, University of Chicago
"Since its initiation in 2006, [this series] has established itself as a major reference point for scholars working on Christian history. The volumes offer comprehensive reviews of the state of play in a specific field of research without sacrificing quality and originality in their contributions." - Norman Housley, University of Leicester, in: The Journal of Ecclesiastical History, Vol. 62, No. 2 (April 2011), pp. 385-386
"Excellent series" - Michael C. Voigts, Asbury Theological Seminary, in: Church History, Vol. 81, No. 3 (September 2012), p. 671
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