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Brill’s Humanities in China Library makes available in English translation the work of humanities scholars who are shaping academic discourse in China. This series includes academic work examining and analyzing issues related to history, literature, philosophy, culture, society, and religion in China, translated from the original Chinese volumes. These works are invaluable to China Studies scholars and Sinologists, and at the same time enable students and scholars in disciplines outside of those fields to become acquainted with works that are highly influential in mainland China.

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Drifting with Clouds, Living by Poetry
The Rivers and Lakes Poets of the Southern Song
Volume 17
Global Elements in Chinese Literature
Volume 16
By: Sihe Chen
Shifts of Power
Modern Chinese Thought and Society
Volume 11
Here in 'China' I Dwell
Reconstructing Historical Discourses of China for Our Time
Volume 10
The Philosophy of Life
A New Reading of the Zhuangzi
Volume 9
Rereading Modern Chinese History
Volume 8
Inheritance within Rupture
Culture and Scholarship in Early Twentieth Century China
Volume 7
An Intellectual History of China, Volume One
Knowledge, Thought, and Belief before the Seventh Century CE
Volume 6
Eighteen Lectures on Dunhuang
Volume 5
Tradition and Modernity
A Humanist View
Volume 3
By: Lai Chen
Touches of History
An Entry into 'May Fourth' China
Volume 2
Zhang Longxi, Ph. D. (1989) in Comparative Literature, Harvard University, is Chair Professor of Comparative Literature and Translation at the City University of Hong Kong. He has published extensively on East-West comparative studies of literature and culture and his major publications include The Tao and the Logos: Literary Hermeneutics, East and West (Duke UP, 1992), Allegoresis: Reading Canonical Literature East and West (Cornell UP, 2005), and Unexpected Affinities: Reading across Cultures (Toronto UP, 2007).

Axel Schneider, since August 2009 Professor of Modern Sinology at Göttingen University and Director of the Centre for Modern East Asian Studies, has been trained in Germany (Bochum and Heidelberg) and Taiwan (NCCU) in Sinology, Political Science and History. From 1989 till 2000 he worked as assistant professor at the University of Heidelberg. In 2000 he was appointed Professor of Modern China Studies at Leiden University, in 2009 he moved to Göttingen. His research interests include modern Chinese history, intellectual history, and the history of Chinese historiography.
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