Brill's Nonprofit Sector Research Series

The nonprofit sector and civil society are emerging in many nations all over the world, with NGOs of various kinds (associations, agencies, foundations, social enterprises, and volunteer programs) proliferating rapidly. Academic scholarship is emerging or expanding globally even faster than the underlying nonprofit sector itself. A new label for this interdisciplinary field is Voluntaristics, which refers to Nonprofit Sector and Voluntary Action Research, including studies of the kinds of groups noted above but also individual volunteering, both formal and informal.

The books of the Series focus on all aspects of Voluntaristics as an international and interdisciplinary field and as an emerging academic discipline. Included are chapters on topics such as the nonprofit sector, voluntary sector, third sector, civil society (sector), social economy, solidarity economy, social enterprise, social entrepreneurship, social investment, solidarity, philanthropy, giving, grants economy, foundations, volunteering (both formal and informal), civic engagement, community engagement, engagement, citizen participation, participation, nonprofit, not-for-profit, nonprofit organizations (NPOs), nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), voluntary associations, associations, sodalities, self-help groups, mutual aid groups, support groups, interest groups, pressure groups, cooperatives, nonprofit agencies, civil liberties, democracy, democratization, social movements, social protest, and mobilization, among other topics. The Series includes English translations of scholarly works or collections of papers originally written in a language that is not English, aiming at bringing these important non-English materials available to English-speaking readers.

Another unique feature of the book series is that the umbrella/infrastructure organization, ICSERA, of which Series Co-Editor David Horton Smith is the founder and CEO/President, has sponsored the Book Series. Prof. Chao Guo of the University of Pennsylvania and Senior Vice-President of ICSERA is the Co-Editor of the Series. ICSERA ( refers to the International Council of Voluntarism, Civil Society, and Social Economy Researcher Associations, a nonprofit research organization based in the USA.
David Horton Smith, Boston College and Tsinghua University, and Chao Guo, University of Pennsylvania