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Fred van Lieburg
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Brill’s Series in Church History and Religious Culture is a peer-reviewed book series devoted to the history of religion, church, theology, and culture. Based on a broad understanding of religious traditions, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and their interconnections, the series focuses on the history of religious experiences, values, and ideas –of groups as well as influential individuals- in their intellectual, social, and political settings. The series emphasizes the interregional, transconfessional, and comparative dimensions of religion in its expression, mediation, consumption, and institutionalization. It contains monographs, source editions, collections of articles, and conference proceedings, preferably in English.

Brill's Series in Church History and Religious Culture is a continuation of the Kerkhistorische Bijdragen book series. For volumes published in Kerkhistorische Bijdragen (volumes 1 to 21), please click here.

General Editors: Wim Janse and Fred van Lieburg

Starting with volume 70, Brill’s Series in Church History and Religious Culture includes both Brill's Series in Church History, and its subseries, Religious History and Culture Series.

For more information visit also the journal Church History and Religious Culture.

The series published an average of four volumes per year over the last 5 years.
Gisbertus Voetius (1589–1676) on God, Freedom, and Contingency
An Early Modern Reformed Voice
Volume 84
Transatlantic Religion
Europe, America, and the Making of Modern Christianity
Volume 82
The Catholic Church and the Dutch Bible
From the Council of Trent to the Jansenist Controversy (1564–1733)
Volume 80
By: Els Agten
The Eclipse of Liberal Protestantism in the Netherlands
Religious, Social, and International Perspectives on the Dutch Modernist Movement (1870-1940)
Volume 79
The Arnhem Mystical Sermons
Preaching Liturgical Mysticism in the Context of Catholic Reform
Volume 77
Emancipating Calvin
Culture and Confessional Identity in Francophone Reformed Communities
Volume 76
Jewish Books and their Readers
Aspects of the Intellectual Life of Christians and Jews in Early Modern Europe
Volume 75
Augustine’s Cyprian
Authority in Roman Africa
Volume 73
Religion as an Agent of Change
Crusades – Reformation – Pietism
Volume 72
Episcopacy, Authority, and Gender
Aspects of Religious Leadership in Europe, 1100–2000
Volume 71
Lay Activism and the High Church Movement of the Late Eighteenth Century
The Life and Thought of William Stevens, 1732-1807
Volume 70
Bremen als Brennpunkt reformierter Irenik
Eine sozialgeschichtliche Darstellung anhand der Biografie des Theologen Ludwig Crocius (1586-1655)
Volume 69
Unity in Diversity
English Puritans and the Puritan Reformation, 1603-1689
Volume 68
Religious Minorities and Cultural Diversity in the Dutch Republic
Studies Presented to Piet Visser on the Occasion of his 65th Birthday
Volume 67
Orthodox Paradoxes
Heterogeneities and Complexities in Contemporary Russian Orthodoxy
Volume 66
Myth and Reality of Anabaptist, Mennonite, and Doopsgezind Women, ca 1525-1900
Volume 65
Claude Pajon (1626–1685) and the Academy of Saumur
The First Controversy over Grace
Volume 64
Catholicism from Gregory XVI to Benedict XVI
Volume 63
Enlightened Preaching
Balthasar Münter’s Authorship 1772-1793
Volume 62
Devising Order
Socio-religious Models, Rituals, and the Performativity of Practice
Volume 60
Editor(s): Bruno Boute and Thomas Småberg
Gratia in Augustine's Sermones ad Populum during the Pelagian Controversy
Do Different Contexts Furnish Different Insights?
Volume 59
Augustine beyond the Book
Intermediality, Transmediality and Reception
Volume 58
The Hallowing of Logic
The Trinitarian Method of Richard Baxter's Methodus Theologiae
Volume 57
The Origins of the Baptist Movement Among the Hungarians
A History of the Baptists in the Kingdom of Hungary From 1846 to 1893
Volume 54
Graphic Satire and Religious Change
The Dutch Republic 1676-1707
Volume 53
Old Catholic and Philippine Independent Ecclesiologies in History
The Catholic Church in Every Place
Volume 52
Establishing the Remnant Church in France
Calvin’s Lectures on the Minor Prophets, 1556-1559
Volume 50
Thomas Erastus and the Palatinate
A Renaissance Physician in the Second Reformation
Volume 48
The Missing Public Disputations of Jacobus Arminius
Introduction, Text, and Notes
Volume 47
Editor(s): Keith D. Stanglin
Between Lay Piety and Academic Theology
Volume 46
Clément Marot and Religion
A Re-assessment in the Light of his Psalm Paraphrases
Volume 44
Servants of the Kingdom
Professionalization among Ministers of the Nineteenth-Century Netherlands Reformed Church
Volume 43
By: David Bos
Perfect Will Theology
Divine Agency in Reformed Scholasticism as against Suárez, Episcopius, Descartes, and Spinoza
Volume 42
Catholic Theology of Revelation on the Eve of Vatican II
A Redaction History of the Schema De fontibus revelationis (1960-1962)
Volume 41
Dire l’interdit
The Vocabulary of Censure and Exclusion in the Early Modern Reformed Tradition
Volume 40
Arminius, Arminianism, and Europe
Jacobus Arminius (1559/60-1609)
Volume 39
Petrus van Mastricht (1630-1706)
Reformed Orthodoxy: Method and Piety
Volume 35
Wim Janse (Ph.D. 1994, Theological University Apeldoorn) is Professor of Religion and Public Policy in the Faculty of Religion and Theology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Fred van Lieburg (PhD 1996, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) is Professor of Religious History in the Faculty of Humanities at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Edited by
Fred van Lieburg, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In cooperation with
Jan Wim Buisman, Leiden University, The Netherlands
Paul van Geest, Tilburg University / Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Alastair Hamilton, University of London, UK
R. Ward Holder, Saint Anselm College, Manchester, NH, USA
Scott Mandelbrote, University of Cambridge, UK
Andrew Pettegree, University of St Andrews, UK
Karla Pollmann, University of Bristol, UK
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