Brill's Studies in Catholic Theology

The Editors of this series take 'Catholic Theology' to be theology that reflects on themes in systematic theology, moral theology and historical theology as these have presented or now present themselves in the Roman Catholic tradition. Moreover, Brill’s Studies in Catholic Theology includes studies that contribute to the theology of the one, holy, apostolic and Catholic Church as confessed in the Nicene Creed (as opposed to theologies of particular churches and traditions). Manuscripts published in the series will mainly be either studies on the history of Catholic theology that are relevant for the present time or constructive contributions to the articulation of Catholic theology for today. We aim at publishing high-quality academic monographs by established scholars, coherent volumes of essays and excellent PhD dissertations.

This is a new series with an average of 1,5 volumes per year.
Philip Endean (Centre Sèvres - Facultés jésuites de Paris)
Paul van Geest (Tilburg University, Erasmus University, KU Leuven)
Paul Murray (University of Durham)
Marcel Sarot (Tilburg University)

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