Balkan Studies Library

Established in 2010 to meet a growing international interest in Balkan studies, the Balkan Studies Library series publishes high-quality disciplinary and interdisciplinary research on all aspects of the Balkans with a focus on history, politics and culture. The region is defined here as comprising Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and the countries of former Yugoslavia, including their imperial Ottoman and Habsburg heritage.

The series publishes monographs, collective volumes, and editions of source materials. Disciplines covered include history, anthropology, archaeology, political science, sociology, legal studies, economy, religion, literary studies, cultural studies, gender studies, film, theatre and media studies, art history, language and linguistics. The editors especially welcome comparative studies, be they comparisons between individual Balkan countries, or of (parts of) the region with other countries and regions. All submissions are subject to anonymous peer review by leading specialists.

The series does not publish conference proceedings.

Biographical Note

Zoran Milutinović is Professor of South Slav Literature and Modern Literary Theory at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London.

Alex Drace-Francis is Associate Professor of Modern European Literary and Cultural History in the Department of European Studies, University of Amsterdam.

Editorial Board

Series Editors
Zoran Milutinovic, University College London
Alex Drace-Francis, University of Amsterdam 

Advisory Board
Gordon N. Bardos, SEERECON
Marie-Janine Calic, University of Munich 
Lenard J. Cohen, Simon Fraser University 
Jasna Dragovic-Soso, Goldsmiths, University of London 
Radmila Gorup, Columbia University  
Robert M. Hayden, University of Pittsburgh 
Robert Hodel, Hamburg University 
Anna Krasteva, New Bulgarian University  
Galin Tihanov, Queen Mary University of London 
Maria Todorova, University of Illinois 
Christian Voss, Humboldt University, Berlin 
Andrew Wachtel, Northwestern University 

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