Byzantina Australiensia

Byzantina Australiensia is a refereed academic series established by the Australasian Society for Byzantine Studies in 1981 and is dedicated to increasing knowledge of the eastern Roman world, its material and literary cultures, its religious practices, its sources or their reception. We have gained a reputation for publishing excellent and accessible translations and editions of medieval Greek texts with commentaries. We are particularly interested in new approaches to the corpus that embrace recent theoretical developments in Byzantine studies.

The series also welcomes conference volumes focused on themes relevant to eastern Roman empire from the fourth to fifteenth centuries. A new focus for the series is high-quality monographs by early career researchers or established scholars from any country. All relevant subjects in Byzantine Studies that meet the criteria of the series will be considered.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to either the series editors, Professor Bronwen Neil and Dr Amelia Brown, or the Publisher at Brill, Dr Kate Hammond.

Brill is in full support of Open Access publishing and offers the option to publish your monograph, edited volume, or chapter in Open Access. Our Open Access services are fully compliant with funder requirements. We support Creative Commons licenses. For more information, please visit Brill Open or contact us at
Cultural Transfer of Music between Byzantium and the West?
The Case of the Chants of the So-Called Missa Graeca
Volume 27
Dissidence and Persecution in Byzantium
From Constantine to Michael Psellos
Volume 26
The Rise and Fall of Nikephoros II Phokas
Five Contemporary Texts in Annotated Translations
Volume 23
The Life of Saint Pankratios of Taormina
Greek text, English translation and commentary
Volume 22
Editor(s): John Bernard Burke
Byzantium, Its Neighbours and Its Cultures
Volume 20
Editor(s): Danijel Dzino and Ken Parry
Eustathios of Thessaloniki
Secular Orations 1167/8 to 1179
Volume 19
Essays on Imperium and Culture in Honour of E.M. and M.J. Jeffreys
Volume 17
Byzantine Narrative
Papers in honour of Roger Scot
Volume 16
Feast, Fast or Famine
Food and Drink in Byzantium
Volume 15
Editor(s): Wendy Mayer and Silke Trzcionka
Vitsentzos Kornaros, Erotokritos
A translation with introduction and notes
Volume 14
Byzantine Macedonia
Identity Image and History
Volume 13
Editor(s): John Burke and Roger Scott
John Kaminiates - The Capture of Thessaloniki
Translation, introduction and notes
Volume 12
Genesios on the Reigns of the Emperors
Translation and Commentary
Volume 11
Leontius: Presbyter of Constantinople
Fourteen Homilies
Volume 9
The Chronicle of Marcellinus
A translation with commentary (with a reproduction of Mommsen's edition of the text)
Volume 7
Studies in John Malalas
Volume 6
The Chronicle of John Malalas
Volume 4
Byzantine Humanism: The First Phase
Notes and Remarks on Education and Culture in Byzantium from its Origins to the 10th Century
Volume 3
Zosimus: New History
Volume 2
Byzantine Papers
Proceedings of the First Australian Byzantine Studies Conference Canberra, 17-19 May 1978
Volume 1
Amelia Brown, University of Queensland
Danijel Dzino, Macquarie University
Sarah Gador-Whyte, Australian Catholic University
Mark Masterson, Victoria University
Meaghan McEvoy, Australian National University
Andrew Mellas, University of Sydney
Bronwen Neil, Macquarie University
Ryan Strickler, Newcastle University
Janet Wade, Macquarie University

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