Comparative and International Education: Diversity of Voices

Series Editors:
Allan Pitman
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Miguel A. Pereyra
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Suzanne Majhanovich
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Comparative and International Education: A Diversity of Voices aims to provide a comprehensive range of titles, making available to readers work from across the comparative and international education research community. Authors will represent as broad a range of voices as possible, from geographic, cultural and ideological standpoints. The editors are making a conscious effort to disseminate the work of newer scholars as well as that of well-established writers.
The series includes authored books and edited works focusing upon current issues and controversies in a field that is undergoing changes as profound as the geopolitical and economic forces that are reshaping our worlds.
The series aims to provide books which present new work, in which the range of methodologies associated with comparative education and international education are both exemplified and opened up for debate. As the series develops, it is intended that new writers from settings and locations not frequently part of the English language discourse will find a place in the list.
Series Editors
Allan Pitman, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Miguel A. Pereyra, University of Granada, Spain
Suzanne Majhanovich, University of Western Ontario, Canada

Editorial Board
Ali Abdi, University of Alberta, Canada
Clementina Acedo, Webster University Geneva
Mark Bray, University of Hong Kong, China
Christina Fox, University of Wollongong, Australia
Steven Klees, University of Maryland, USA
Nagwa Megahed, Ain Shams University, Egypt
Crain Soudien, University of Cape Town, South Africa
David Turner, University of South Wales, England
Medardo Tapia Uribe, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico
Educational researchers and their students
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