Clio Medica

Studies in the History of Medicine and Health

Series Editor:
Jonathan Reinarz
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Associate Editors:
Cathy McClive
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Bogdan Iacob
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Clio Medica: Studies in the History of Medicine and Health is published in affiliation with the European Association for the History of Medicine and Health from now onwards.

This peer reviewed series invites scholars from the humanities and health care professions to share narratives and analysis on health, healing, and the contexts of our beliefs and practices that impact biomedical inquiry. The series aims to address current topics of interest in medicine and health care from a historical perspective offering analytical rigor and an opportunity for reflection to its readers.
Scholars working in the history of medicine, social history, cultural history, literature and medicine, medical anthropology or sociology, are welcome to submit manuscripts to a series that aims to cross diverse disciplinary boundaries, while retaining history at its core.
The Series’ Volumes are primarily written in the English language, while allowing the opportunity for manuscripts to be submitted in French, German and Spanish.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to either the series editor Jonathan Reinarz or the Publisher at Brill Alessandra Giliberto.

Brill is in full support of Open Access publishing and offers the option to publish your monograph, edited volume, or chapter in Open Access. Our Open Access services are fully compliant with funder requirements. We support Creative Commons licenses. For more information, please visit Brill Open or contact us at
Histories of Fetal Knowledge Production in Sweden
Medicine, Politics, and Public Controversy, 1530–2020
Volume 107
Making Physicians
Tradition, Teaching, and Trials at Leiden University, 1575-1639
Volume 106
Battling Smallpox before Vaccination
Inoculation in Eighteenth-Century Germany
Volume 105
Anatomy of the Medical Image
Knowledge Production and Transfiguration from the Renaissance to Today
Volume 104
Practicing Biomedicine at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital 1913-1965
Ideas and Improvisations
Volume 103
Tracing Hospital Boundaries
Integration and Segregation in Southeastern Europe and Beyond, 1050-1970
Volume 102
A History of Population Health
Rise and Fall of Disease in Europe
Volume 101
Translation at Work
Chinese Medicine in the First Global Age
Volume 100
‘Doctors for Export’
Medical Migration from Ireland c.1860 to 1960
Volume 99
Attributing Excellence in Medicine
The History of the Nobel Prize
Volume 98
The Man Who Crucified Himself
Readings of a Medical Case in Nineteenth-Century Europe
Volume 97
Medical Practice, 1600-1900
Physicians and Their Patients
Volume 96
The Uses of Humans in Experiment
Perspectives from the 17th to the 20th Century
Volume 95
Representing Argentinian Mothers
Medicine, Ideas and Culture in the Modern Era, 1900-1946
Volume 92
Divine Doctors and Dreadful Distempers
How Practicing Medicine Became a Respectable Profession
Volume 91
Life Writing and Schizophrenia
Encounters at the Edge of Meaning
Volume 90
The Stepchildren of Science
Psychical Research and Parapsychology in Germany, c. 1870-1939
Volume 88
The Imperial Laboratory
Experimental Physiology and Clinical Medicine in Post-Crimean Russia
Volume 87
Permeable Walls
Historical Perspectives on Hospital and Asylum Visiting
Volume 86
‘The Cruel Madness of Love’
Sex, Syphilis and Psychiatry in Scotland, 1880-1930
Volume 85
Attending Madness
At Work in the Australian Colonial Asylum
Volume 84
'A Cheap, Safe and Natural Medicine'
Religion, Medicine and Culture in John Wesley’s Primitive Physic
Volume 83
Control and the Therapeutic Trial
Rhetoric and Experimentation in Britain, 1918-48
Volume 82
Healing Bodies, Saving Souls
Medical Missions in Asia and Africa
Volume 80
The Changing Voice of Illness in Eighteenth-Century British Consultation Letters and Literature
Volume 79
Emblematic Monsters
Unnatural Conceptions and Deformed Births in Early Modern Europe
Volume 77
Irritating Experiments
Haller’s Concept and the European Controversy on Irritability and Sensibility, 1750-90
Volume 76
Making Health Policy
Networks in Research and Policy after 1945
Volume 75
The Cape Doctor in the Nineteenth Century
A Social History
Volume 74
Sex and Seclusion, Class and Custody
Perspectives on Gender and Class in the History of British and Irish Psychiatry
Volume 73
For Fear of Pain
British Surgery, 1790-1850
Volume 70
The Home Office and the Dangerous Trades
Regulating Occupational Disease in Victorian and Edwardian Britain
Volume 68
The Road to Medical Statistics
Volume 67
Biographies of Remedies
Drugs, Medicines and Contraceptives in Dutch and Anglo-American Healing Cultures
Volume 66
Turquet de Mayerne as Baroque Physician
The Art of Medical Portraiture
Volume 65
Bacchic Medicine
Wine and Alcohol Therapies from Napoleon to the French Paradox
Volume 64
Cultures of Neurasthenia
From Beard to the First World War
Volume 63
'Captain of all these men of death'
The History of Tuberculosis in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Ireland
Volume 62
Women and Modern Medicine
Volume 61
Regenerating England
Science, Medicine and Culture in Inter-War Britain
Volume 60
Malthus, Medicine, & Morality
‘Malthusianism’ after 1798
Volume 59
From Lesion to Metaphor
Chronic Pain in British, French and German Medical Writings, 1800-1914
Volume 58
Representing the Scientific Board of the European Association for the History of Medicine and Health:

Series Editor:
Jonathan Reinarz, University of Birmingham

Associate Editors:
Cathy McClive, Florida State University
Bogdan Iacob, Romanian Academy

Editorial Board:
Jonathan Barry, University of Exeter
Alison Bashford, UNSW Sydney
Christian Bonah, University of Strasbourg
Sandra Cavallo, Royal Holloway, University of London
Pratik Chakrabarti, University of Manchester
Harold Cook, Brown University, Providence
Marcos Cueto, Casa de Oswaldo Cruz, Rio de Janeiro
Brian Dolan, University of California, San Francisco
Philip van der Eijk, Humboldt University, Berlin
Monica Green, Arizona State University, Tempe
Patrizia Guarnieri, Università degli studi, Florence
Rhodri Hayward, Queen Mary, University of London
Peregrine Horden, Royal Holloway, University of London
Sean Hsiang-Lin Lei, Academica Sinica, Taipei
Anne Kveim Lie, Institute of Health and Society, Oslo
Guillaume Lachenal, Université Paris Diderot
Vivienne Lo, UCL China Center for Health and Humanity, London
Daniel Margócsy, University of Cambridge
Hilary Marland, Warwick University, Coventry
Graham Mooney, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
Teresa Ortiz-Gómez, University of Granada
Steven Palmer, University of Windsor
Hans Pols, University of Sydney
Peter Pormann, University of Manchester
Michael Stolberg, University of Würzburg
Marius Turda, Oxford Brookes University
John Harley Warner, Yale University, New Haven
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