Currents of Encounter

Studies in Interreligious and Intercultural Relations

Marianne Moyaert
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Currents of Encounter invites scholarly contributions that utilize interreligious, intercultural, comparative, postcolonial, and other contemporary critical interdisciplinary approaches from across all religious traditions, to address topical questions on the challenges and opportunities arising from intercultural/interreligious engagements, or the intersections of cultures and religions.

Studies dealing explicitly with the dynamics of the intersection of religious and cultural traditions are increasing every year, and scholars have become aware of the complexity and diversity of interreligious and intercultural relations. Recent literature offers a broad panoply of theoretical approaches from theologies of religions to comparative theologies, from discourse analysis to a postcolonial critique focusing on issues of power, from feminist readings asking about the specific role of women in interreligious dialogue to interreligious hermeneutics exploring how meaning may travel across cultural and religious traditions. Currents of Encounter welcomes this variety of works in these disciplines and from interdisciplinary perspectives aiming thus to contribute to a better understanding of the complexities of interreligious and intercultural themes. The board welcomes both monographs and edited volumes.
Possible domains:
- interreligious studies
- intercultural theology and philosophy
- comparative theology and philosophy
- theologies of religions
Marianne Moyaert, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Editorial Board:
Catherine Cornille, Boston College, USA
Marion Grau, MF Norwegian School of Theology, Norway
Paul Hedges, NTU, Singapore
Bagus Laksana, Sanata Dharma University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Jonathan Tan, Case Western Reserve University, USA

Founding editors:
Jerald D. Gort
Hendrik M. Vroom (†)

Advisory Board:
Gavin d'Costa, University of Bristol, Department of Religion and Theology
Lejla Demiri, University of Tubingen, Center for Islamic Theology
Nelly van Doorn-Harder, Wake Forest University School of Divinity
Jim Heisig, Nanzan Institute for Religion & Culture
Mechteld Jansen, Protestant Theological University, Amsterdam
Edward Kessler, Woolf Institute and Fellow of St Edmund's College, Cambridge
Oddbjorn Leirvik, University of Oslo, Faculty of Theology
Hugh Nicholson, Loyola University Chicago, Department of Theology
Anant Rambachan, St. Olaf College, Northfield, USA
John Sheveland, Gonzaga University
Mona Siddiqui, University of Edingburgh, School of Divinity
Pim Valkenberg, Catholic University of America
Michelle Voss Roberts, Emmanuel College, Victoria University, Toronto
Ulrich Winkler (†)
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