Contemporary Psychoanalytic Studies

Contemporary Psychoanalytic Studies (CPS) is an international scholarly book series devoted to all aspects of psychoanalytic inquiry in theoretical, philosophical, applied, and clinical psychoanalysis. Its aims are broadly academic, interdisciplinary, and pluralistic, emphasizing secularism and tolerance across the psychoanalytic domain. CPS aims to promote open and inclusive dialogue among the humanities and the social-behavioral sciences including such disciplines as philosophy, anthropology, history, literature, religion, cultural studies, sociology, feminism, gender studies, political thought, moral psychology, art, drama, and film, biography, law, economics, biology, and cognitive-neuroscience.

The series published an average of two volumes per year over the last 5 years.
Jon Mills, University of Essex, Adelphi University, and New School for Existential Psychoanalysis

Associate Editors:
Gerald J. Gargiulo
Ronald C. Naso

Editorial Advisory Board:
John Beebe, Elizabeth Brodersen, Daniel Burston, Christopher Bollas, Walter A. Davis, Michael Eigen, Matt Ffytche, Bruce Fink, Peter Fonagy, Erik D. Goodwyn, Aner Govrin, Oren Gozlan, R.D. Hinshelwood, Todd McGowan, Nancy McWilliams, Peter L. Rudnytsky, Robert A. Segal, Charles B. Strozier, Frank Summers, M. Guy Thompson, Wilfried Ver Eecke, Brent Willock, Cindy Zeiher.
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