Crossroads - History of Interactions across the Silk Routes

This series focuses on the manifold commercial, human, political-diplomatic and scientific interactions that took place across the continental (overland) and maritime Silk Routes. This includes exchanges of ideas, knowledge, religions, and the transfer of cultural traditions, including forms of migration. Geographically speaking the series covers networks (or routes) across the Eurasian continent, the broader Indian Ocean (from East Asia as far as Africa), and the Asia-Pacific world, that is, trans-Pacific connections from Asia to the American continent. A special interest lies in the history of science and technology and knowledge transfer along and across these routes. The series focuses particularly on historical topics but contemporary studies are also welcome.

Biographical Note

Angela Schottenhammer (蕭婷) is professor of Non-European History at the University of Salzburg, Austria, and research director and adjunct professor at the Indian Ocean World Centre, McGill University, Canada. She is chief editor of an academic journal ( Crossroads) and of two book series and has widely published on East Asian and Chinese history and archaeology, with a focus on historical exchange relations.


Historians, including those interested in science and technology, philology, as well as Asianists in general (those interested in sinological studies, Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies, Iranian, Arabic, South and Southeast Asian Studies, East Asian Studies).