Doing Arts Thinking: Arts Practice, Research and Education

Series Editor:
John Baldacchino
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In the arts, the concept of theoria goes back to the original notion of thinking as a form of reflection/contemplation that remains integral to practice as both a practiced thought (phronesis) and as critical practice (praxis). This book series is aimed at capturing and reasserting the wider possibilities that we give ourselves by doing the arts. It explores how the arts and education can only converge through paradox, where what we seek by doing arts thinking remains an open work and in continuous inauguration.
Thus Doing Arts Thinking is an alternative view of arts education. Rooted in arts practice and arts research, it purposely retains a degree of ambiguity. It is not limited to “thinking about the arts”, or engaging with art theory as a separate entity from practice. Rather, this book series intends to show that to mistake arts thinking for abstract theory would be as false as dismissing arts practice for mere making; which would result in a narrow view of both arts practice and arts research, especially when a third element – that of arts education – is involved.

Cover Artwork by Jeremy Diggle. Title: 'Shield Bearer'. Acrylic on canvas. 120 cm x 160 cm. Date 2019

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Series Editor:
John Baldacchino, Arts Institute, University of Madison-Wisconsin, USA (

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