Emotions and States of Mind in East Asia

Series Editors:
Paolo Santangelo
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Cheuk Yin Lee
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The focus of this series is to gradually build a picture of the mental structure in China and East Asia. All volumes analyse the instances of affective experiences over a wide variety of Chinese or other East Asian texts from the same underlying database. The truly multi-disciplinary research method guarantees new and unexpected insights into the representation of the ‘mental-structure’ in Chinese and other East Asian societies from the angles of cultural anthropology, linguistics, psycholinguistics, literary criticism, history, and sociology. Aim of the series is, besides deepening our knowledge on the various shades of meaning in the imagery of the times, to reduce the subjectivity and cultural bias of researchers' analyses. The accompanying glossaries are invaluable reference material for any student of Chinese. This is an encyclopedic series.

Zhu Guangqian’s Life and Philosophy
An Introduction
Volume 10
Visualising Ethnicity in the Southwest Borderlands
Gender and Representation in Late Imperial and Republican China
Volume 9
By: Jing Zhu
Zhu Guangqian and Benedetto Croce on Aesthetic Thought
With a Translation of the Wenyi xinlixue 文艺心理学 (The Psychology of Art and Literature)
Volume 7
Feng Menglong's Treasury of Laughs
A Seventeenth-Century Anthology of Traditional Chinese Humour
Volume 5
Passion, Romance, and Qing (3 vols.)
The World of Emotions and States of Mind in Peony Pavilion
Volume 4
Shan'ge, the 'Mountain Songs'
Love Songs in Ming China
Volume 2
Edited by Paolo Santangelo, Sapienza University of Rome and Cheuk Yin Lee, National University of Singapore
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