Geopolitics and International Relations

Series Editor:
David Criekemans
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Geopolitics and International Relations is a new and unique platform where a debate is possible between and within different schools of thought in geopolitics and international relations. It is conceived deliberately as a zone in which geopolitics and international relations can connect with each other rather than closing themselves off into existing publications in their respective fields. It also points to the increasing relevance of territorially embedded factors in the analysis of today’s international relations. In addition, the series is open to contributions from scholars working in other fields, such as historians, geographers, economists, political scientists, psychologists, specialists in international law, etc.

Today, more and more analysts are using the concept "geopolitics", but they do not always clearly define it (sometimes using it merely as a synonym for "power politics"). Geopolitics and International Relations presents a clear opportunity to connect, and it offers opportunities to academics, students, and practitioners to learn from each other, as well as more comprehensive analyses on the geopolitical challenges that affect many dimensions of the politics of today and tomorrow (security, economy, energy, environment, technology, and diplomacy & foreign policy).

Manuscripts should meet a minimum length requirement of 80,000 words.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts by email to the publisher Jason Prevost. Please direct all other correspondence to Associate Editor Katie Short.

Authors will find general proposal guidelines at the Brill Author Gateway.
COVID-19 “Humanitarianism”
Geopolitical Logics of Chinese, American, and Russian Assistance
Volume 04
Belonging to the West: Geopolitical Myths and Identity in Modern Greece
A Study of Analytical Geopolitics
Volume 3
The State of Taiwan
From International Law to Geopolitics
Volume 2
Geopolitics and International Relations
Grounding World Politics Anew
Volume 1
Dr. David Criekemans is Associate Professor in International Relations at the University of Antwerp, Assistant Professor of International Relations & International Security at the University College Roosevelt (part of Utrecht University) in Middelburg, The Netherlands, and Senior Lecturer in Geopolitics at the Geneva Institute of Geopolitical Studies (GIGS). Dr. Criekemans is also Senior Associate Fellow at EGMONT -- The Royal Institute for International Relations in Brussels.

Series Editor
David Criekemans, University of Antwerp

Geopolitics and international relations (1899-2024) in Europe and beyond

WATCH HERE the February 8, 2024 seminar on Geopolitics and International Relations (1899-2024) in Europe and beyond, organised by the Danish Institute of International Studies and GEOP Series Editor David Criekemans. Dr. Criekemans’ remarks start at the 17:00 mark, and author Dr. Antonios Nestoras’ remarks start at the 32:45 mark.


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