Human-Animal Studies

Series Editors:
Kenneth Shapiro
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Thomas Aiello
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, and
Dr Gala Argent
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The mission of the Animals and Society Institute is to advance human knowledge to improve animal lives. Our vision is a compassionate world where animals flourish. The Brill Human-Animal Studies Series supports this mission and vision by publishing books that explore the relationship between human and nonhuman animals. It intentionally casts a wide net, producing titles from any setting, contemporary, historical, and prehistorical from the perspective of various disciplines within both the social sciences and humanities. The broad scope of the series is an acknowledgement of the contributions of a range of perspectives from across academia that often intersect in meaningful ways to build a scholarship of the nonhuman experience through a human lens. In the process, these books challenge the disciplinary cloisters that often hinder the transdisciplinary analysis that is vital to one the fastest growing fields in the academy. Whether examining the lived reality of nonhuman animals in environmental or legal settings or parsing human representations of those animals in popular culture, the Brill Human-Animal Studies Series presents a wide range of cutting-edge scholarship that always retains an eye to helping animals flourish and creating a more compassionate world.
The Relational Horse
How Frameworks of Communication, Care, Politics and Power Reveal and Conceal Equine Selves
Volume 24
Editor(s): Gala Argent and Jeannette Vaught
Animals and Their People
Connecting East and West in Cultural Animal Studies
Volume 21
Editor(s): Anna Barcz and Dorota Łagodzka
Genealogy of Obedience
Reading North American Dog Training Literature, 1850s-2000s
Volume 20
Fish, Justice, and Society
Volume 19
Foucault and Animals
Volume 18
Meat Culture
Volume 17
Editor(s): Annie Potts
Animals at work
Identity, politics and culture in work with animals
Volume 16
Animals and War
Studies of Europe and North America
Volume 15
Editor(s): Ryan Hediger
Crossing Boundaries
Investigating Human-Animal Relationships
Volume 14
Editor(s): Lynda Birke and Jo Hockenhull
The Animals of Spain
An Introduction to Imperial Perceptions and Human Interaction with Other Animals, 1492-1826
Volume 13
Humans, Animals, Environments
Volume 12
Editor(s): Rob Boddice
Theorizing Animals
Re-thinking Humanimal Relations
Volume 11
Editor(s): Nik Taylor and Tania Signal
Herding Monkeys to Paradise
How Macaque Troops are Managed for Tourism in Japan
Volume 10
Paper Tiger
A Visual History of the Thylacine
Volume 9
Animals and Agency
An Interdisciplinary Exploration
Volume 8
Speaking of Animals
Essays on Dogs and Others
Volume 7
Animal Encounters
Volume 6
Editor(s): Manuela S. Rossini and Tom Tyler
Canis Africanis
A Dog History of Southern Africa
Volume 5
Knowing Animals
Volume 4
Editor(s): Philip Armstrong
Mad about Wildlife
Looking at Social Conflict over Wildlife
Volume 2
Confronting Cruelty
Moral Orthodoxy and the Challenge of the Animal Rights Movement
Volume 1
Series Editors
Kenneth Shapiro
Thomas Aiello
Gala Argent

Editorial Board:
Ralph Acampora (Hofstra University, USA),
Clifton Flynn (University of South Carolina, USA),
Hilda Kean (Ruskin College, Oxford, UK),
Randy Malamud (Georgia State University, USA),
Gail Melson (Purdue University, USA)
Leslie Irvine (University of Colorado, USA),
Richie Nimmo (University of Manchester, UK)
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