Studies in the History of Christianity in East Asia

The primary focus of this new peer-reviewed monograph series will be the study of Christianity in East Asia. It will reflect “local” (i.e. Chinese, Japanese and Korean) themes as well as comparative perspectives that explore the historical, cultural, and religious connections that mark the interactions between these countries. Subject matter may include but is not limited to: church history, cultural anthropology, historical linguistics, history of science and medicine, global history, and comparative studies. The series will also include critical studies of primary sources related to the history of Christianity in East Asia and/or critical translations of those sources, with accompanying commentary and critical apparatus. Influential works in the field hitherto published only in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean respectively will be carefully selected, translated into English, and made available to an international audience with the aim of promoting scholarly dialogue beyond local linguistic constituencies.

The Editors welcome inquiries from prospective authors. For more information concerning the series and the manuscript submission process, please contact Stephen Ford, Editorial Assistant, at


Editorial Board:
Donald L. BAKER, University of British Columbia (Canada)
Anthony CLARK, Whitworth University (USA)
Kiri PARAMORE, Leiden University (The Netherlands)
Stephen J. RODDY, University of San Francisco (USA)

Advisory Board:
ASAMI Masakazu 浅見雅一, Keiō University (Japan)
CHO Kwang 조광 趙珖, Korea University (Emeritus) (Seoul, Korea)
Cindy CHU 朱益宜, Hong Kong Baptist University (China)
Bettina GRAMLICH-OKA, Sophia University (Japan)
DONG Shaoxin 董少新, Fudan University (China)
Ronnie Po-chia HSIA 夏伯嘉, Pennsylvania State University (USA)
KAWAMURA Shinzō 川村信三, S. J., Sophia University (Japan)
Kirsteen KIM, Leeds Trinity University (United Kingdom)
Joseph Tse-Hei LEE 李榭熙, Pace University (USA)
Nicolas STANDAERT, S.J., Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium)

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