Heritage and Identity

Issues in Cultural Heritage Protection

Series Editor:
Joris Kila
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The growing number of critical developments that has taken place since Heritage and Identity was created in 2012 has turned the themes covered by this series into crucial issues that are discussed worldwide.
Not only has global cultural heritage been threatened by natural events, it has also been affected by the increasing cruelty of conflicts, criminal activities and geopolitical changes. As a consequence, the concept of Cultural Property Protection (CPP) is a growing issue for both society and the academy.
The series Heritage and Identity analyzes the complexity of this topic using multidisciplinary methods, including historical and archeological perspectives and aspects of international and criminal law and security, but also by taking anthropological, religious and economic matters into account.
Due to this interdisciplinary approach, the series is of great relevance not only for academics, but for anybody interested or involved with the protection of cultural heritage, from an intellectual and a practical point of view.
Joris Kila (NL)

Editorial board:
Patrick Boylan (UK)
Charles Garraway (UK)
Karl von Habsburg (Austria)
Thomas Schuler (Germany)
James A. Zeidler (USA)
"This collection has shot to the top of the essential reading list (...). It is important to highlight the work of the editors, Joris D. Kila and J.A. Zeidler, whose excellent choice of titles should be recognised. (...) We shall await the new volumes of the Heritage and Identity: Issues in Cultural Heritage Protection series with bated breath." Ignacio Rodríguez-Temiño, AP: Online Journal in Public Archaeology 5 (2015), pp. 203-205.
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