The Iberian Religious World

Series Editors:
Ricardo Muñoz Solla
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Esperanza Alfonso
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Ryan Szpiech
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The Iberian Religious World is a peer-reviewed series which publishes academic works that deal with the different types of religiosity found in the Iberian world. The space of the ‘Iberian world’ is one that changes according to time. If until the end of the fourteenth century it was limited to the space of the Iberian Peninsula, the beginning of the maritime discoveries in the fifteenth century gave it an almost world-size dimension, gradually lost from the eighteenth century onwards. The series encompasses works on Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and also African, Asian and American religions and cults met by, among others, Portuguese and Spaniards during their oversea enterprises. Furthermore, volumes in the series deal with forms of religiosity, cultural relationships with religious minorities, and acculturation processes within the space of the Iberian Peninsula from antiquity to our days. Through monographs, edited volumes, and critical editions of primary sources, the series addresses subjects such as history, theology, art history, literature, philology, music, and other academic fields, whenever the main focus of research is on religion.

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Series Editors
Esperanza Alfonso Carro (CCHS-CSIC Madrid)
Ricardo Muñoz Solla (University of Salamanca)
Ryan Szpiech (University of Michigan)

Editorial Board
James S. Amelang (Universidad Autónoma of Madrid)
Mónica Colominas Aparicio (University of Groningen)
Pablo C. Díaz Martinez (University of Salamanca)
Natalio Fernández Marcos (High Council of Scientific Research of Madrid, CSIC)
Eleazar Gutwirth (Tel Aviv University)
María Jordan (Yale University)
Alisa Meyuḥas Ginio (Tel Aviv University)
Kenneth Mills (University of Michigan)
Juan Miguel Valero Moreno (University of Salamanca)
Carsten Wilke (Central European University)
Veronica Williams (University of Buenos Aires, CONICET)
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