Japanese Visual Culture

Series Editors:
Hans Bjarne Thomsen
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Gennifer Weisenfeld
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Japanese Visual Culture (JVC) is an academic series devoted to the visual culture of the Japanese archipelago of every era. It includes studies on the history of painting, prints, calligraphy, sculpture, architecture and applied arts, but also extends to the performing arts, cinema, manga and anime. Despite the recent trend away from monographs on individual artists or object-based studies, the Japanese Visual Culture series recognizes the still-crucial need for research on Japanese artists or previously neglected categories of art to help build the foundation for the further development of the field. It also actively seeks interdisciplinary or theoretical approaches to archaeology, religion, literature, and the social sciences. Though all volumes are published in English, the series encourages submission by scholars based in Europe.
The series is attractively designed and allows for copious illustrative material, using the latest technology for high-quality colour reproduction. The books rely on Brill’s well-established distribution networks to research libraries in Europe, North America, and East Asia, especially Japan. While the primary readership will be specialists and students of Japanese art history and related fields, we expect the attractively designed format will attract wider audiences.

If you are working on a book that would be suitable for this series, please do not hesitate to contact Acquisitions Editor Teddi Dols (Teddi.Dols@brill.com).
Imagery of the Orchid Pavilion Gathering
Visualizing Tokugawa Cultural Networks
Volume 22
Shirakaba and Japanese Modernism
Art Magazines, Artistic Collectives, and the Early Avant-garde
Volume 18
Mirroring the Japanese Empire
The Male Figure in Yōga Painting, 1930–1950
Volume 14
Courtly Visions
The Ise Stories and the Politics of Cultural Appropriation
Volume 12
Painting Circles
Tsuchida Bakusen and Nihonga Collectives in Early Twentieth Century Japan
Volume 11
Aesthetic Strategies of The Floating World
Mitate, Yatsushi, and Fūryū in Early Modern Japanese Popular Culture
Volume 9
Painting Nature for the Nation
Taki Katei and the Challenges to Sinophile Culture in Meiji Japan
Volume 8
Miyazawa Kenji and His Illustrators
Images of Nature and Buddhism in Japanese Children's Literature
Volume 7
Hell-bent for Heaven in Tateyama Mandara
Painting and Religious Practice at a Japanese Mountain
Volume 6
Edwardian London through Japanese Eyes
The Art and Writings of Yoshio Markino, 1897–1915
Volume 4
Portraits of Chōgen
The Transformation of Buddhist Art in Early Medieval Japan
Volume 1
Edited by John T. Carpenter (managing editor), Julie Nelson Davis, Shigeru Oikawa, Henry D. Smith II, Hans Bjarne Thomsen and Gennifer Weisenfeld
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