Knowledge Infrastructure and Knowledge Economy

Series Editors:
C.A. Davids
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Larry Stewart
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This is a peer-reviewed book series that provides a forum for scholarly publications on the history of the circulation of knowledge and its economic and cultural aspects. It aims to explore the exciting new field of research on intersections between economic history, cultural history, the history of technology and the history of science.
The series publishes studies on institutions and actors effecting the circulation of knowledge as well as on media (artefacts, printed texts, manuscripts, visual representations) that transmit knowledge across time and space; on the social context that generates, supports or restrains the infrastructure of knowledge creation and transmission; and on the role of the circulation of knowledge in economic, technological and cultural change.
The series includes monographs and collaborative volumes. Comparative and long-range studies are particularly encouraged.

Knowledge Infrastructure and Knowledge Economy was initially published as a subseries of History of Science and Medicine Library; five volumes appeared as part of that subseries.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to either the series editors Larry Stewart , and C.A. Davids, or the Publisher at Brill, Alessandra Giliberto.

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The Republic of Skill
Artisan Mobility, Innovation, and the Circulation of Knowledge in Premodern Europe
Volume 9
Spaces of Enlightenment Science
Volume 8
Knowledge, Patents, Power
The Making of a Patent System in the Dutch Republic
Volume 7
The Bright Dark Ages
Comparative and Connective Perspectives
Volume 5
Editor(s): Arun Bala and Prasenjit Duara
The Circulation of Knowledge Between Britain, India and China
The Early-Modern World to the Twentieth Century
Volume 3
Religion, Technology, and the Great and Little Divergences
China and Europe Compared, c. 700-1800
Volume 2
The Rise and Decline of Dutch Technological Leadership (2 Vols)
Technology, Economy and Culture in the Netherlands, 1350-1800
Volume 1
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