Late Antique Archaeology (Supplementary Series)

Luke Lavan
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Contributions generally aim to present broad syntheses on topics relating to a specific theme, discussions of key issues, or try to provide summaries of relevant new fieldwork. The volumes address themes relating to the historical reconstruction of Mediterranean society, from the accession of Diocletian (AD 283) to approximately the middle of the 7th century.
Neglected Architectural Decoration from the Late Antique City
Public Porticoes, Small Baths, Shops/Workshops, and ‘Middle Class’ Houses in the East Mediterranean
Volume 7
Public Baths and Bathing Habits in Late Antiquity
A Study of the Evidence from Italy, North Africa and Palestine A.D. 285-700
Volume 6
Public Space in the Late Antique City (2 vols.)
PART 1: Streets, Processions, Fora, Agorai, Macella, Shops. PART 2: Sites, Buildings, Dates
Volume 5
The Cult of Mithras in Late Antiquity
Development, Decline and Demise ca. A.D. 270-430
Volume 2
Dress and Personal Appearance in Late Antiquity
The Clothing of the Middle and Lower Classes
Volume 1
Managing Editor:
Luke Lavan
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