Language and Computers

Studies in Practical Linguistics

For more than two decades following the "Chomskyan revolution" in the late fifties the emphasis in linguistics was almost exclusively on theoretical issues. The turbulent growth, over the past fifteen years or so, of computer science and in its wake the rise of language technology has led to a renewed interest in practical applications of linguistic theory. Word-processing, text-comprehension, dialogue systems, expert systems, (semi-)automatic translation, speech recognition and speech synthesis are all areas in which insights derived from linguistics are playing an increasingly important role. These new insights have been gained from corpus linguistics, work on automatic syntactic analysis, machine readable dictionaries etc.
The Language and Computers series aims to function as a platform for original and stimulating work in this wide and varied field. The essential ingredients characterizing the volumes in the series are already apparent from its title: As studies in linguistics they have, by definition, their foundations in linguistic theory; however, they are not concerned with theory for theory's sake, but always with a definite direct or indirect interest in the possibilities of practical application in this dynamic area where language and computers meet.
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