Legal History Library

This is a peer-reviewed book series on the history of law in the broadest sense. The approach is preferably comparative in nature, both vertically and horizontally, although studies that approach the subject matter from a different perspective are not automatically excluded. The aim of the Library is to study the historical development of particular areas of law and to explain existing differences and similarities arising in other systems where such comparison is possible. An additional aim is to contribute to a mutual understanding of different approaches to similar problems within the various legal systems. In this way, the Library provides a forum for works related to the growing need for a ius commune in today’s globalising world and provides the necessary historical information for those working in the field of harmonisation projects throughout the world.

The Library not only welcomes dogmatical studies but also offers a forum for interdisciplinary volumes that incorporate law and legal history as their main theme. The editors seek novel, path-breaking, and innovative works that reflect the highest standards of academic writing regardless of the methodologies or approaches employed in any particular volume. Such works are often scholarly monographs, but collected works of previously unpublished contributions forming a cohesive and significant contribution to a particular field of legal history are also welcomed by the editors. There is no restriction in terms of topic, chronology, or geography with the exception of works on the history of international law and on medieval law which should be submitted directly to the Library’s subseries Studies in the History of International Law or Medieval Law and Its Practice.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts to the series editors Remco van Rhee, Dirk Heirbaut, and M.C. Mirow or the publisher at BRILL, Alessandra Giliberto.

The series includes the subseries Studies in the History of International Law and Studies in the History of Private Law.

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Series Editors:
C.H. (Remco) van Rhee, Maastricht University
Dirk Heirbaut, Ghent University
M.C. Mirow, Florida International University

Editorial Board:
Hamilton Bryson, University of Richmond
Thomas P. Gallanis, University of Iowa
James Gordley, Tulane University
Richard Helmholz, University of Chicago
Michael Hoeflich, University of Kansas
Neil Jones, University of Cambridge
Hector MacQueen, University of Edinburgh
Paul Oberhammer, University of Vienna
† Marko Petrak, University of Zagreb
Jacques du Plessis, University of Stellenbosch
Mathias Reimann, University of Michigan
Jan M. Smits, Maastricht University
Alain Wijffels, Université Catholique de Louvain, Leiden University, CNRS
Reinhard Zimmermann, Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht, Hamburg
The press about volume 1 in the series:
"[The book] succeeds as an excellent point of entry to what at times can seem like a highly complex subject. [..] [The editors] and their fellow contributors have undoubtedly got the new series off to the strongest possible start." – Warren Swain, The Edinburgh Law Review
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