Monumenta Graeca et Romana

Troels Myrup Kristensen
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Monumenta Graeca et Romana (MGR) is a peer-reviewed series concerned with the study of material and visual culture of the Greek and Roman world, chronologically ranging from later prehistory to Late Antiquity – i.e. from the middle of the second millennium BCE to the late first millennium CE. Geographically, the series covers Western Europe to the Near East, from the Black Sea to North Africa. The series publishes monographs and anthologies, as well as analytical catalogues raisonés of material in the collections of museums and other public institutions. It also publishes monographs or edited volumes that offer cohesive surveys of specific objects, types of monuments, or regions in Mediterranean and classical archaeology (in the widest possible sense). The survey format is flexible but authors should aim to be as inclusive as possible in their coverage and approaches, designing each volume to be a useful starting point for scholars and students into a new area of research. Additionally, a new subseries, MGR New Directions in Mediterranean Archaeology, is established in 2023 and will publish volumes with an explicit theoretical or methodological agenda. All MGR volumes may be published in all Open Access formats that Brill offers. All volumes, whether traditionally published or in Open Access, can be accompanied by additional data or documentation available on an online repository hosted by Brill. The language of MGR and its subseries is English.
Mouldmade Bowls of the Black Sea Region and Beyond
From Prestige Object to an Article of Mass Consumption
Volume 28
Editor(s): Susan Rotroff
New Approaches to Ancient Material Culture in the Greek & Roman World
21st-Century Methods and Classical Antiquity
Volume 27
Editor(s): Catherine Cooper
New Directions and Paradigms for the Study of Greek Architecture
Interdisciplinary Dialogues in the Field
Volume 25
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Collection of Mediterranean Antiquities, Vol. 3, The Metal Objects and the Gems
Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, La collection des antiquités, Vol. 3, Les objets en métal et les gemmes
Volume 22
From Face to Face
Recarving of Roman Portraits and the Late-Antique Portrait Arts. Second, revised edition
Volume 18
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Collection of Mediterranean Antiquities, Vol. 2, The Terracotta Collection
Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, La collection des antiquités méditerranéennes, Vol. 2, La collection des objets en terre cuite
Volume 15
Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Collection of Mediterranean Antiquities, Vol. 1, The Ancient Glass
Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, La collection des antiquités méditerranéennes, Vol. 1, La verrerie antique
Volume 13
Corinthian and Attic Vases in the Detroit Institute of Arts
Geometric, Black-Figure, and Red-Figure
Volume 12
Horos Dios
An Athenian Shrine and Cult of Zeus
Volume 11
Mutilation and Transformation
Damnatio Memoriae and Roman Imperial Portraiture
Volume 10
Roman Marble Quarries in Southern Euboea
And the Associated Road Systems
Volume 8
By: Vanhove
The Pediments of the Parthenon
Volume 7
By: Palagia
The Olympia Master and his Collaborators
Volume 6
By: Dörig
Greek Minor Arts
1. Bronzes
Volume 5
By: Rolley
Volume 3
Onatas of Aegina
Volume 1
By: Dörig
Editor-in-Chief: Troels Myrup Kristensen, Aarhus University, Denmark.
Editor-in-Chief Emeritus: John M. Fossey, Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, Canada.

Editorial Board:
Anna Collar, University of Southampton, UK.
Søren Handberg, University of Oslo, Norway.
Kathleen M. Lynch, University of Cincinnati, USA

Editorial Advisory Board:
Andreas Konecny, Universität Graz, Austria.
Duane Roller, Ohio State University, USA.
Massimo Osanna, Ministry of Culture, Italy.
Peter Stewart, University of Oxford, UK.
Lea Stirling, University of Manitoba, Canada.
Executive Editor for the Montréal Museum Catalogues: Professor John M. Fossey (McGill University & Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal)
Associate Editor ‘Montréal’: Beaudoin Caron (Université de Montréal)
Assistant Editors ‘Montréal’: Laure Sarah Éthier & Marilie Jacob (Université de Montréal)
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