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Giuseppe Veltri
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The Maimonides Library for Philosophy and Religion aims to present a wide spectrum of studies and texts that cover philosophy and religion in a Jewish context, broadly construed. The series seeks to explore connections, tensions, and dialectics between philosophy and religion in Jewish tradition through monographs, collected volumes, scholarly translations, and critical editions of key texts. Special emphasis will be given to unearth sceptical elements within Jewish thought and in relation to other traditions, as well as to its interactions with the scientific and intellectual climate in which it is situated.
General Editor:
Giuseppe Veltri (Universität Hamburg)

Managing Editor:
Sarah Wobick-Segev (Universität Hamburg)

Editorial Board:
Jonathan Garb (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Racheli Haliva (Universität Hamburg)
Yehuda Halper (Bar-Ilan University)
Warren Zev Harvey (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, emeritus)
Christine Hayes (Yale University)
Julie Klein (Villanova University)
Yitzhak Y. Melamed (Johns Hopkins University)
Stephan Schmid (Universität Hamburg)
Josef Stern (University of Chicago, emeritus)
Sarah Stroumsa (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, emerita)
Irene E. Zwiep (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
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