The Medieval Mediterranean Online

The electronic version of the The Medieval Mediterranean series.

The aim of this series is to publish outstanding, original scholarly monographs and article collections, as well as editions and translations of primary sources, encompassing any aspect of the history of the Medieval Mediterranean. All methodological approaches—including interdisciplinary ones—are welcome. The vast majority of the books in the series are in the English language, although works of outstanding quality in French or German are sometimes included.
‘Mediterranean Studies was one of the pioneering orientations for promoting a more geographically capacious understanding of the Middle Ages, and Brill’s Medieval Mediterranean series, with volumes dating back to 1993, offers a deep list that truly lives up to its name. Those seeking studies of the interconfessional contact strongly associated with the Mediterranean – crusade, conversion, trade and travel – will find them here; they will also find a methodologically diverse array of analyses focused on specific phenomena, from Constantinopolitan monuments to Mamluk politics to health and society in Montpellier, that admirably illustrates the heterogeneity of the medieval Mediterranean itself and of scholarship on it.’
Professor Samantha Kelly, Rutgers University

'Since its inception in 1993 this series has gone from strength to strength with a seemingly endless sequence of collected essays, monographs and editions of medieval texts. All areas of the Mediterranean world and all periods from the fifth century to the fifteenth are represented, and the continuing richness and variety is truly remarkable.'
Professor Peter Edbury, Cardiff University
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