Mnemosyne Supplements Online

Editor-in-Chief: Christoph Pieper
Mnemosyne Supplements (MNS) has existed as a book series for about 80 years, providing a forum for the publication of over 400 scholarly works on all aspects of the Ancient World, including inscriptions, papyri, language, the history of material culture and mentality, the history of peoples and institutions, but also latterly the classical tradition, for example, neo-Latin literature and the history of Classical scholarship.

Mnemosyne Supplements Online includes all volumes until 2017, divided over two collections: the first collection contains all volumes from the beginning in 1938 until 1999 (volumes 1 - 203), and the second collection consists of all the volumes from 2000 up until 2017 (volumes 204-407). The collections include volumes published in MNS subseries History and Archaeology of Classical Antiquity (HACA) and (LAL) as well.