Nijhoff International Trade Law Series

The Nijhoff International Trade Law Series is a forum for important and original research. It covers international trade law in its widest sense, including International Economic Law and International Financial Law.
The series moves across the boundaries that divide the law. The series includes studies of trade law subjects that would fall within the disciplines and sub-disciplines of public and private international and comparative law. National implementation and other aspects of the interaction between national and international law is a growing field of scholarship, and national constitutional arrangements relating to 'foreign affairs', and to the implementation of international norms, are a focus of attention. The relationship between different treaty regimes and the emergence of international rule of law concepts are also subjected to more rigorous analysis. Comparative law is increasingly used as a tool in the making of law at national, regional and international levels. Different international and national systems interact in ever more complicated ways. Private international law is often affected by international conventions, and the issues faced by classical conflict rules are dealt with by substantive harmonization of law. International arbitrations involve public and private international law, and investment protection and human rights and democratic standards.
Books published in the series have been through a rigorous peer review, where the editors are assisted by leading trade law scholars. In addition to scholarly monographs, the series will publish edited collections of essays.

Culture and International Trade Law
From Conflict to Coordination
Volume 21
Law of International Trade in the Region of the Caucasus, Central Asia and Russia
Public International Law, Private Law, Dispute Settlement
Volume 20
The Law and Policy of New Eurasian Regionalization
Economic Integration, Trade, and Investment in the Post-Soviet and Greater Eurasian Space
Volume 18
Editor(s): Anna Aseeva and Jędrzej Górski
Climate Border Adjustments and WTO Law
Extending the EU Emissions Trading System to Imported Goods and Services
Volume 17
Grain Subsidies in Ukraine
The Role of WTO Law and the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement
Volume 16
Credit Ratings and Market Over-reliance
An International Legal Analysis
Volume 15
Creating Property Rights
Law and Regulation of Secondary Trading in the European Union
Volume 12
Economic Integration in South Asia
Charting a Legal Roadmap
Volume 10
European Food Regulation after Enlargement
Facing the Challenges of Diversity
Volume 9
WTO and the Greater China
Economic Integration and Dispute Resolution
Volume 8
Implementing International Economic Law
Through Dispute Settlement Mechanisms
Volume 6
Sex and the Contract
From Infamous Commerce to the Market for Sexual Goods and Services
Volume 5
Sustainable Waste Trade under WTO Law
Chances and Risks of the Legal Frameworks’ Regulation of Transboundary Movements of Wastes
Volume 4
Non-Economic Objectives in WTO Law
Justification Provisions of GATT, GATS, SPS and TBT Agreements
Volume 1
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