New Scholarship in Political Economy


Series Editors:
David Fasenfest
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Alfredo Saad-Filho
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The 21st century has been haunted by increasing inequality, both within countries and between countries, across multiple dimensions. There is an increasing need for serious scholarship that questions mainstream perspectives and points towards a more equitable world. The New Scholarship in Political Economy series is designed to showcase the research of recent scholars working in any field of the social sciences whose research is informed by the work of Karl Marx. We seek interesting proposals for monographs, edited volumes, or recent PhDs that could be transformed into a monograph for publication. Authors should be in the early stages of their careers, with the expectation that a publication in this series will help promote their work while bringing attention to the latest scholarship within a critical political economy perspective.

New Scholarship in Political Economy seeks contributions from early career scholars whose research is broadly located in the Marxist traditions in the social sciences. This includes heterodox economic analysis, critical social science research, and an array of inquiries ranging across cultural studies, gender, race and ethnicity research, and more. By early career, we mean scholars in the beginning of their academic or intellectual trajectory who can benefit from having their work appear in print. More established scholars should submit their proposals to the main series: Studies in Critical Social Sciences

For consideration in New Scholarship in Political Economy, authors should send the following: a) working title, b) a precise outline of the scope and focus of their work, and c) a tentative table of contents with a brief annotation describing each chapter. Please do not send full manuscripts until asked to do so. Once a contract has been issued, contributors will receive guidelines and specific instructions on submitting their work.

We are interested in publishing books based on newly minted or imminent PhDs, though we recognize that the process of turning one’s work into a publishable monograph will require a careful recasting and rewriting. A PhD is written to address the requirements of an institution and one’s committee, while a publishable monograph must appeal to a wider audience and does not require the kind of broad justification (literature, methods, etc. demonstrating professional competence) that must be included in a thesis: please bear this in mind when submitting your proposal. New PhDs should include a letter of introduction from an academic familiar with their work addressing the merits of the proposed project.

Authors are cordially invited to submit inquiries or proposals to the series editors David Fasenfest and Alfredo Saad-Filho. For more information about this subseries, please contact the publisher, Jason Prevost. Please direct all other correspondence to the associate editor, Katie Short.

New Scholarship in Political Economy is a subseries of the Studies in Critical Social Sciences book series.
Series Editors
David Fasenfest, York University, Canada
Alfredo Saad-Filho, King's College London

Editorial Board
Kevin B. Anderson, University of California, Santa Barbara
Tom Brass, formerly of SPS, University of Cambridge
Raju Das, York University
Ben Fine, (emeritus) SOAS University of London
Jayati Ghosh, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Elizabeth Hill, University of Sydney
Dan Krier, Iowa State University (USA)
Lauren Langman, Loyola University Chicago
Valentine Moghadam, Northeastern University
David N. Smith, University of Kansas
Susanne Soederberg, Queen’s University
Aylin Topal, Middle East Technical University
Fiona Tregenna, University of Johannesburg
Matt Vidal, Loughborough University London
Michelle Williams, University of the Witwatersrand

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