Nuncius Series

Studies and Sources in the Material and Visual History of Science

Marco Beretta
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Sven Dupré
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Nuncius Series explores the material sources of scientific endeavor, such as scientific instruments and collections, the specific settings of experimental practice, and the interactions between sciences and arts. The materiality of science is a fundamental source for the understanding of its history, and the visual representation of its concepts and objects is equally crucial. Nuncius Series focuses on the exploration of increasingly-varied modes of visual description of observed reality.

The series also invites to explore the role of iconography and portraiture in the self-representation of the scientist. Interpretative studies and documentary surveys are both welcome.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts by email to the publisher Stefan Einarson or to one of the series editors: Marco Beretta (University of Bologna) or Sven Dupré (Utrecht University / University of Amsterdam). For information on how to submit a book proposal, please consult the Brill Author Guide.
Series Editors
Marco Beretta, University of Bologna
Sven Dupré, Utrecht University / University of Amsterdam

Advisory Board
Eva Åhrén, Hagströmer Medico-Historical Library
Charlotte Bigg, Centre Alexander Koyré
Elena Canadelli, Padua University
Yulia Frumer, Johns Hopkins University
Jahnavi Phalkey, Science Gallery Bengaluru
Brigitte Van Tiggelen, Science History Institute, Philadelphia
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