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Thorsten Botz-Bornstein
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Over the last several decades an increasing number of people have studied film with a general interest in philosophy. Philos-sophia, the love of wisdom, is an attempt at interpreting or questioning human existence and the world in its entirety. Naturally film can be one of its subjects. In this series, philosophical writers account for their experience of specific films, directors, certain themes, or the phenomenon of film in general. Philosophy of film exceeds the schedule of mere interpretation and puts film in relationship with classical philosophical questions such as (its own) essence, truth, or beauty. Those reflections can also take the form of film aesthetics and film theory, which are philosophical inasmuch as their approaches are methodologically sophisticated and they transgress empiricism. Benefiting from the intellectual wealth of the entire history of the humanities, this series is an ideal source for anyone interested in the philosophical dimensions of cinema.

Book Proposals
Minimum length is 80 000 words main text. Please send a book proposal (ca. 1000 words) and a CV to We will then say whether the project can be taken further. Monographs, edited volumes as well as "companions to" are welcome. Complete manuscripts will be double-blind peer reviewed.
Your MS should not be simultaneously submitted to another press.
Parasite: A Philosophical Exploration
Volume 377
Transformational Ethics of Film
Thinking the Cinemakeover in the Film-Philosophy Debate
Volume 365
Plato and the Moving Image
Volume 332
Plotinus and the Moving Image
Volume 310
Death in Documentaries
The Memento Mori Experience
Volume 306
General Editor
Thorsten Botz-Bornstein, Gulf University for Science and Technology, Kuwait

Editorial Board
Nathan Andersen, Eckerd College
Costica Bradatan, Texas Tech University at Lubbock
John Caruana, Ryerson University
Rey Chow, Duke University
Hye Seung Chung, Colorado State University
Dan Flory, Montana State University
András Bálint Kovács, Budapest University (ELTE)
Jason C. Kuo, University of Maryland
Robert Sinnerbrink, Macquarie University
Daniel Shaw, Lock Haven University
Kevin Stoehr, Boston University
Hunter Vaughan, Oakland University
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