Schriftenreihe zur Philosophie Karl R. Poppers und des Kritischen Rationalismus / Series in the Philosophy of Karl R. Popper and Critical Rationalism

Jeremy Shearmur
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This series deals with the philosophy of critical rationalism founded by Karl R. Popper. This philosophy with its socio-philosophical concepts ("Open Society", etc.), is the contemporary philosophy of pluralistic democratic society.
Central theses of critical rationalism in the epistemology and philosophy of science are indicative for discussion about the fundaments of many scientific disciplines. Also any modern Enlightenment philosophy and philosophical criticism, can no longer do without the insights of critical rationalism.

Diese Schriftenreihe befaßt sich mit der von Karl R. Popper begründeten Philosophie des Kritischen Rationalismus. Diese Philosophie ist mit ihren sozialphilosophischen Konzeptionen ("Offene Gesellschaft", u.a.) die zeitgemäße Philosophie der pluralistisch-demokratischen Gesellschaft. Zentrale Thesen des Kritischen Rationalismus in der Erkenntnislehre und Wissenschaftstheorie sind für die Grundlagendiskussion in vielen Wissenschaftsdisziplinen richtungsweisend, ebenso wie jede moderne Aufklärungsphilosophie und Weltanschauungskritik die Einsichten des Kritischen Rationalismus nicht mehr umgehen kann.
Jeremy Shearmur worked for eight years as Karl Popper's assistant. He is the author of The Political Thought of Karl Popper and was joint editor of Karl Popper's After the Open Society and The Cambridge Companion to Popper.
Editor in Chief
Jeremy Shearmur, Emeritus Fellow, School of Philosophy, Australian National University

Founder of the Series
Kurt Salamun

Editorial Board
Nimrod Bar-Am, Senior Lecturer in Logic and Rhetoric, Department of Communications, Sapir Academic College, Israel
Giuseppe Franco, Private Lecturer, Faculty of Theology, Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany
Malachi Hacohen, Professor of History and Professor of Religion, Duke University, USA
Ali Paya, Professor of Philosophy, Islamic College, London; Adjunct Professor of Philosophy at the Department of Ethics of Science and Technology, National Research Institute for Science Policy, Iran
Piers Norris Turner, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director, Center for Ethics and Human Values, Ohio State University, USA

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