Professional Learning

Series Editor:
J. John Loughran
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This series purposely sets out to illustrate a range of approaches to Professional Learning and to highlight the importance of teachers and teacher educators taking the lead in reframing and responding to their practice, not just to illuminate the field but to foster genuine educational change.

Authors are cordially invited to submit proposals and/or full manuscripts by e-mail to the Aquisitions Editor, John Bennett.
Self-Study and Diversity III
Inclusivity and Diversity in Teacher Education
Volume 23
Quality Learning
Teachers Changing Their Practice
Volume 22
Taking a Fresh Look at Education
Framing Professional Learning in Education through Self-Study
Volume 21
Self-Study and Diversity II
Inclusive Teacher Education for a Diverse World
Volume 20
Teaching for Learning and Learning for Teaching
Peer Review of Teaching in Higher Education
Volume 19
The Practice of Teachers' Professional Development
A Cultural-Historical Approach
Volume 16
Bridging between Research and Practice
Supporting Professional Development through Collaborative Studies of Classroom Teaching with Technology
Volume 15
Growing as a Teacher
Goals and Pathways of Ongoing Teacher Learning
Volume 14
The Professional Teacher Educator
Roles, Behaviour, and Professional Development of Teacher Educators
Volume 13
Scientific Literacy Under the Microscope
A Whole School Approach to Science Teaching and Learning
Volume 11
Processes of Inquiry
Inservice Teacher Educators Research Their Practice
Volume 10
Whose Learning is it?
Developing Children as active and responsible learners
Volume 6
Professional Care and Vocation
Cultivating Ethical Sensibilities in Teaching
Volume 5
Dimensions of Professional Learning
Professionalism, Practice and Identity
Volume 3
Self-Study and Diversity
Volume 2
Series Editor:
J. John Loughran, Monash University, Clayton, Australia

Editorial Board:
Anthony Clarke, University of British Columbia, Canada
Renee Clift, University of Arizona, USA
Donald Freeman, University of Michigan, USA
Ruth Kane, Ottawa University, Canada
Mieke Lunenberg, VU University, The Netherlands
Mo Ching Magdalena Mok, Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong
Max van Manen, University of Alberta, Canada
The series will be of interest to teachers, teacher educators and others in fields of professional practice as the context and practice of the pedagogue is the prime focus of such work. Professional Learning is closely aligned to much of the ideas associated with reflective practice, action research, practitioner inquiry and teacher as researcher.
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