Brill Research Perspectives in International Water Law


The Brill Research Perspectives in International Water Law is a unique reference publication for research output on shared freshwater resources. Population growth, economic activities, environmental degradation, and climate change have exacerbated competition and ignited disputes over water resources (both surface water and groundwater) shared by two or more states. The entry into force of the United Nations Watercourses Convention has refocused the attention of the world community on shared water resources and underscored the pressing need for their equitable and sustainable sharing, inclusive and proper management, and environmental protection. Each contribution comprises a single, uniquely focused monograph that explores these aspects and addresses international, regional, and bilateral agreements and arrangements as well as thematic matters related to shared water resources. The series target contributors and readers include international water law professors, researchers, practitioners, and graduate and undergraduate students. The Brill Research Perspectives in International Water Law started publication in 2016. Each monograph of the Series has been published both: as an issue of the journal (Journal Series), as well as a free-standing monograph (Monograph Series). As of 2021, publication will continue only with the Monograph Series. These monographs will continue to be numbered to reflect the chronological order and year of publication.
Dr. Salman M. A. Salman is a Fellow at the International Water Resources Association (IWRA) and an academic researcher and consultant on water law and policy. Until December 2009, he was Lead Counsel with the Legal Vice Presidency of the World Bank and the Bank’s adviser on water law and on environmental and social safeguard policies. Before joining the World Bank, Dr. Salman worked as a Legal Officer with the International Fund for Agricultural Development of the United Nations (IFAD) in Rome, Italy (1981–1983). Prior to that, he was a lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the University of Khartoum in Sudan (1978–1981), where he was also a teaching assistant (1972–1977). Dr. Salman has authored or edited eleven books on water law and policy. Some of these books have been translated and published in French, Russian, Arabic, and Chinese. He has published more than sixty peer-reviewed articles in leading academic journals and more than one hundred newspaper articles. He was selected as Director of The Hague Academy, Centre for Research and Studies, in 2001 for the English session on “Water Resources and International Law”.
Dr. Salman obtained his LL.B. from the University of Khartoum, Sudan (1972) and holds an LL.M. (1974) and a J.S.D. (1977), both from Yale Law School.
For more information on Dr. Salman’s publications and work, see his personal website:
Salman M.A. Salman

Associate Editors
Laurence Boisson de Chazournes, University of Geneva
Lilian del Castillo-Laborde, University of Buenos Aires
Gabriel Eckstein, Texas A&M University
Makane Moïse Mbengue, University of Geneva
Alistair Rieu-Clarke, University of Dundee
Kishor Uprety, International Lawyer and Researcher
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