Studies in Asian Art and Archaeology

(continuation of Studies in South Asian Culture)

In Asia the visual arts have been an important part of life since earliest times and have reached the highest level achieved by mankind.Owing to trade and to diffusion of religions and philosophical systems mutual influence between the various artistic traditions of Asia has been strong. Today no topic of Asian art history can be studied in isolation.
Archaeology, including the study of prehistoric and early historical artifacts, is naturally related to art history. Rapidly expanding field work in Asia adds to our knowledge of early life in Asia every day.
The Studies in Asian Art and Archaeology, founded in 1969 as Studies in South Asian Culture, are concerned with the archaeology and with traditional visual art; both movable objects and architecture of South, South East East and Central Asia.
The series includes monographs on substantial subjects, thematic collections of articles, handbooks, text editions, and translations.
The Volumes contribute to scholarly research and reflect current scholarly, technical and methodological standards.Their accessibility is enhanced by a proper organization of the contents and, wherever appropriate, by indexes. They include introductions placing the subjects in the context of pertinent developments of the time, and of current research.Text editions normally accompanied by a translation on facing pages; translations are fully annotated; The introductions to both text editions and translations include full evaluations of the text concerned.
The Volumes are in English, occasionally in German or French.

The series is of interest to Asianists, art historians, archaeologists and all those others with an interest in Asian art and archaeology.
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