Studies on East Asian Religions

Series Editors:
James A. Benn
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Jinhua Chen
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Studies on East Asian Religions seeks to break through the barriers between academic disciplines, sectarian divisions and geographical borders, in the scholarship on the religions of East Asia by bringing together scholars and sources that have not often been in dialogue before. Its field of research is the vast array of newly-available primary sources for the doctrines and practices of East Asian Religions.
By promoting research that assembles material from across East Asia (the area in which, historically, written Chinese was a major language of religion and culture), this book series will make possible a broader view of regional interactions that does not privilege one locale or one vector of exchange. To do so, it will be essential to publish work in English by scholars from and of all parts of East Asia alongside that of researchers working in Europe and North America.
The series will accept regular monographs, edited volumes, translations and occasionally collected volumes, all subject to peer review.
Beyond the Silk and Book Roads
Rethinking Networks of Exchange and Material Culture
Volume 11
"Take the Vinaya as Your Master"
Monastic Discipline and Practices in Modern Chinese Buddhism
Volume 8
Editor(s): Ester Bianchi and Daniela Campo
Disciplinary Rituals in Dunhuang Buddhism
Volume 7
By: Ru Zhan
Editor(s): Jinhua Chen
Buddhist Statecraft in East Asia
Volume 6
Sino-Tibetan Buddhism across the Ages
Volume 5
Editor(s): Ester Bianchi and Weirong Shen
Gongga Laoren (1903-1997)
Her Role in the Spread of Tibetan Buddhism in Taiwan
Volume 4
The Transnational Cult of Mount Wutai
Historical and Comparative Perspectives
Volume 2
Chinese and Tibetan Esoteric Buddhism
Volume 1
Scholars of East Asian studies and in particular scholars of East Asian religions
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