Studies in Space Law

Frans G. von der Dunk
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‘Space law’, as the law relevant to outer space and space activities, is a relatively young area of law, which moreover is expanding rapidly in scope. Practical, down-to-earth applications of space activities abound, more and more of a commercial nature. Also the number and variety of actors is growing – not only states, but international organizations and private entities are increasingly involved in space activities. As a consequence, the traditional field of research of space law is widening so as to include or interfere with such other fields as telecommunications law, intellectual property rights, trade and commercial law, EC law, transport law and so on.
The series Studies in Space Law aims to present a platform for qualified authors to shed light on relevant developments from this perspective, whilst keeping in mind the longer-term perspectives of space activities and the concurrent interest of space law to remain a reasonably coherent body of law.
F.G. von der Dunk (General Editor), University of Nebraska-Lincoln, College of Law, Space, Cyber and Telecommunications Law Program;
M. Ferrazzani, Senior Legal Counsel, ESA, Paris;
S. Freeland, Bond University, Australia, Prof. Emeritus and Professorial Fellow;
J. Gabrynowicz, University of Mississippi, Prof. Emerita;
S. Hobe, University of Cologne;
R. Jakhu, Institute of Air and Space Law, McGill University;
F. Lyall, University of Aberdeen, Prof. Emeritus;
K.U. Schrogl, IISL, Paris;
L.J. Smith, Leuphana University, Luneburg.
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