Social Fictions Series

The Social Fictions series — winner of the prestigious Special Achievement Award from the American Creativity Association — emerges out of the arts-based research movement. The series includes full-length fiction books that are informed by social research but written in a literary/artistic form (novels, plays, and short story collections). Believing there is much to learn through fiction, the series only includes works written entirely in the literary medium adapted. Each book includes an academic introduction that explains the research and teaching that informs the book as well as how the book can be used in college courses. The books are underscored with social science or other scholarly perspectives and intended to be relevant to the lives of college students—to tap into important issues in the unique ways that artistic or literary forms can.

TheSocial Fictions Series received the Special Achievement Award 2014 from the American Creativity Association, announced in May 2014.
Educational researchers and their students
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