Texto y Teoría: Teoría Literaria

The series will collect the most important theoretical statements on such topics as: readers and the reading process; intertextuality, metaphor, semiotics. The series Texto y Teoría: Teoría Literaria hopes to trace the development of theory and criticism in original essays, readers, monographs, from international scholars, raising fundamental questions about the status of the literary text and different types of discourse - be it rhetorical, semiotic and structuralist, phenomenological, subjective and psychoanalytic, sociological and historical, or hermeneutic.
A complete, up-to-date bibliography, both theoretical and applied, will make of the anthologies excellent guides for scholars and students. Each reader of the series will be a valuable text for courses in literary criticism and theory, as well as a superior reference work for scholars and students of literature, critical theory, and the philosophy of art. In an introduction, the editors will redefine each problem placing it in historical perspective, providing a sort of short history to the subject.
Since no such collections exist in Spanish, it can become an important guide to show the directions in which North American and European literary criticism have evolved.
Iris M. Zavala
Luz Rodríguez-Carranza
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