Utrecht Studies in the History of Cartography / Utrechtse Historisch-Kartografische Studies

(Continued as Explokart Studies in the History of Cartography)

This series on the history of cartography is prepared under the direction of the Research Program Explokart, currently located at the University of Amsterdam.

The research program Explokart (“Exploration and accessibility of Dutch cartographic documents, 16th-20th century”) is dedicated to making an inventory, description, and facsimiles of Dutch wall maps, topographical maps, sea charts, hydrographical maps, and globes. The aim of Explokart is to offer guidance to the users of old maps.

The research results of the volunteers of Explokart have resulted in the modern publication series Explokart Studies in the History of Cartography. It is aimed at both researchers and laymen with an interest in these matters.
Paula van Gestel-van het Schip
Peter van der Krogt
Ferjan Ormeling
Günter Schilder
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