Value Inquiry Book Series Online

The electronic version of the Value Inquiry Book Series

The Value Inquiry Book Series (VIBS) is an international scholarly program, founded in 1992 by Robert Ginsberg, that publishes philosophical books in all areas of value inquiry, including social and political thought, ethics, applied philosophy, aesthetics, feminism, pragmatism, personalism, religious values, medical and health values, values in education, values in science and technology, humanistic psychology, cognitive science, formal axiology, history of philosophy, post-communist thought, peace theory, law and society, and theory of culture.

African-American Philosophy
Central-European Value Studies
Cognitive Science
Contemporary Russian Philosophy
Contemporary Whitehead Studies
Daisaku Ikeda Studies
Development Ethics
Ethical Theory and Practice
Hartman Institute Axiology Studies
Histories and Addresses of Philosophical Societies
Holocaust and Genocide Studies
Indigenous Philosophies of the Americas
Interpretation and Translation
Lived Values, Valued Lives
Nordic Value Studies
Philosophies of the Caribbean
Philosophy and Psychology
Philosophy and Religion
Philosophy and Women
Philosophy in Latin America
Philosophy in Spain
Philosophy, Literature, and Politics
Philosophy of Education
Philosophy of Peace
Philosophy of Sex and Love
Post-Communist European Thought
Social Philosophy
Studies in Applied Ethics
Studies in Existentialism
Studies in Jurisprudence
Studies in Pragmatism and Values
Studies in the History of Western Philosophy
Universal Justice
Values in Bioethics
Values in Italian Philosophy

VIBS is co-sponsored by:
Adler School of Professional Psychology
American Indian Philosophy Association
American Maritain Association
American Society for Value Inquiry
Association for Process Philosophy of Education
Canadian Society for Philosophical Practice
Center for Bioethics, University of Turku
Center for Professional and Applied Ethics, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Central European Pragmatist Forum
Centre for Applied Ethics, Hong Kong Baptist University
Centre for Cultural Research, Aarhus University
Centre for Professional Ethics, University of Central Lancashire
Centre for the Study of Philosophy and Religion, University College of Cape Breton
Centro de Estudos em Filosofia Americana, Brazil
College of Education and Allied Professions, Bowling Green State University
College of Liberal Arts, Rochester Institute of Technology
Concerned Philosophers for Peace
Conference of Philosophical Societies
Department of Moral and Social Philosophy, University of Helsinki
Gannon University
Gilson Society
Haitian Studies Association
Ikeda University
Institute of Philosophy of the High Council of Scientific Research, Spain
International Academy of Philosophy of the Principality of Liechtenstein
International Association of Bioethics
International Center for the Arts, Humanities, and Value Inquiry
International Society for Universal Dialogue
Natural Law Society
Philosophical Society of Finland
Philosophy Born of Struggle Association
Philosophy Seminar, University of Mainz
Pragmatism Archive at The Oklahoma State University
R.S. Hartman Institute for Formal and Applied Axiology
Research Institute, Lakeridge Health Corporation
Russian Philosophical Society
Society for Iberian and Latin-American Thought
Society for the Philosophic Study of Genocide and the Holocaust
Unit for Research in Cognitive Neuroscience, Autonimous University of Barcelona
Yves R. Simon Institute
Founding Editor:
Robert Ginsberg

Executive Editor:
Leonidas Donskis, Member of the European Parliament / previously Professor and Dean of Vytautas Magnus University School of Political Science and Diplomacy in Kaunas, Lithuania

Associate Editors:
G. John M. Abbarno, George Allan, Gerhold K. Becker, Raymond Angelo Belliotti, Kenneth A. Bryson, C. Stephen Byrum, Harvey Cormier, Robert Delfino, Rem B. Edwards, Malcolm D. Evans, Roland Faber, Daniel B. Gallagher, Andrew Fitz-Gibbon, Francesc Forn I Argimon, William C. Gay, Dane R. Gordon, J. Everet Green, Heta Aleksandra Gylling, Matti Häyry, Brian G. Henning, Steven V. Hicks, Richard T. Hull, Michael Krausz, Mark Letteri, Olli Loukola, Vincent L. Luizzi, Hugh P. McDonald, Adrianne McEvoy, Danielle Poe, Peter A. Redpath, Arleen L.F. Salles, John R. Shook, Eddy Souffrant,Tuija Takala, Stella Villarmea, Emil Višňovský, Anne Waters, James R. Watson
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