Brill's Companions to Classical Studies: Warfare in the Ancient Mediterranean World


Warfare in the Ancient Mediterranean World will disseminate recent research in volumes organized topically for easy reference while also setting the standard for such anthologies by aiming above the introductory level. The intended audience includes both scholarly specialists and non-specialists. Future volumes will not only draw upon current research, but will provide a venue for new and recent methodologies for understanding warfare in the ancient world. In this way the series will be a resource for a non-specialist audience too. Regardless of whether war is actually the “father” of any field, military history has remained popular over the centuries, both with authors and readers.
Series Editor:
Lee L. Brice, Western Illinois University

Editorial Board:
Jeremy Armstrong, University of Auckland
Jessica H. Clark, Florida State University
Fernando Echeverría, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Jenn Finn, Loyola University Chicago
Elizabeth M. Greene, University of Western Ontario
Matthew A. Sears, University of New Brunswick
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