Teaching Writing

The Teaching Writing series publishes concise instructional writing guides. Series books each focus on a different subject area, discipline or type of writing. The books are intended to be used in undergraduate and graduate courses across the disciplines and can also be read by individual researchers or students engaged in thesis work.
International Editorial Board:
Liza Ann Acosta, North Park University, USA
Sandra L. Faulkner, Bowling Green State University, USA
Lee Gutkind, Arizona State University, USA
Anne Harris, Monash University, Australia
Yvonna S. Lincoln, Texas A&M University, USA
David Manderson, University of West Scotland, UK
Ronald Pelias, Southern Illinois University, USA
Rita Rud, Washington State University, USA
Candace Stout, Ohio State University, USA
Jonathan Wyatt, University of Edinburgh, UK
Educational researchers and their students
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