The External Debt / La dette extérieure


The practical importance of the subject of `The External Debt' in contemporary international life goes without saying.
On the analytical level, the interest and indeed the difficulty of the subject lies in the need for a multidisciplinary approach, where political, financial and legal aspects are closely linked and require a clear understanding. From the purely legal point of view, the traditional and largely artificial boundaries between private and public law, between private international law and public international law and even, more generally, between municipal and international law are clearly marked here. In this respect any analyst has to be a complete jurist, and this collection of essays (in English and French) is an illustration of this fact.

Originally published as Colloques / Workshops – Law Books of the Academy, Volume 17.

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Avant-propos/Foreword. Introduction: Les rapports des directeurs d'études du Centre/Reports of the Directors of Studies of the Centre. 1. Rapport du directeur d'études de la section de langue française. 2. Report of the Director of Studies of the English-Speaking Section. I: Les diverses approches/Policies Issues. A: Historique/Precedents. 1. La renégociation des dettes: Les exemples allemands (1953) et indonésiens (1970). 2. The German Debt Settlement of 1953: Some Guidelines for the Current Debt Crisis. B: La conception américaine/The United States Approach. 3. La position du Gouvernement américain en matière d'endettement des états: Du plan Baker à l'initiative Brady. 4. The Debt Problem: The Baker Plan (1985) and the Brady Initiative (1989) - History, Experience, Practice and Prospects. 5. The United States Responses to the Legal Issues Raised by Debt Conversion. II: Les dettes publiques/Public Debts. A: Les réaménagements des dettes publiques. The Paris Club Restructurings. 1. Le Club de Paris et les dettes publiques des états. B: Les dettes à l'égard des institutions internationales. Debts Incurred vis-à-vis International Institutions. 2. Les dettes publiques des états à l'égard des organisations internationales. III: Les dettes commerciales/Commercial Debts. A: Le rôle du FMI. The Role of the IMF. 1. Le Fonds monétaire international et l'endettement extérieur des états. 2. The Role of the IMF in the International Debt Management: The Case of Sub-Saharan Africa. B: La capitalisation de la dette. Debt Capitalization. 3. Les cadres juridiques de la capitalisation des dettes commerciales des états. C: Droit applicable. Applicable Law. 4. Equality of Treatment of Creditors in the Restructuring of Foreign Debt. 5. Conflicts of Laws in International Lending Transactions - Governing Law and Choice of Forum. 6. Vers un droit international de la dette extérieure? D: Contentieux. Litigation Issues. 7. Debt Restructuring and State Responsibility Issues. 8. Rééchelonnement de la dette ou règlement judiciaire? (Analyse de la jurisprudence interne et internationale au regard des enjeux de la renégociation de la dette.) Bibliographie sélective. Selected Bibliography. Index analytique. Analytical Index.
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