Children on the Move

How to Implement Their Right to Family Life

Increasing numbers of children are on the move throughout the world: moving or migrating, alone or accompanied. This gives rise to many new problems with legal, economic, social and cultural aspects, calling for new approaches based on a world-wide perspective. The international mobility of children poses a special challenge for the protection of their family environment, as guaranteed by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and other international instruments.
Children on the Move contains the texts and speeches given and the papers presented at the international conference of the same title, which took place at the Hague, the Netherlands, 23-26 October 1994. The conference was one of the major contributions of the Netherlands to the UN International Year of the Family and was convened by the Netherlands Committee for the International Year of the Family in collaboration with the Hague Conference on Private International Law.
Children on the Move provides the reader with an in-depth analysis of the various legal aspects (problems and remedies) of inter-country adoption, international child abduction, and children as international refugees.

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A. Introductions.
Opening Speech; C.M.I. Moolhuysen-Fase.
Enfants déplacés: leur protection par les Conventions de La Haye; G.A.L. Droz.
General Introduction; R. Frank.
Introductory Speech at the Banquet; P.H. Kooymans.
Children on the Move: A Perspective from The Netherlands; E. Terpstra.
B. International Child Abduction.
The International Abduction of Children; P. Nygh.
C. Intercountry Adoption of Children.
History, Philosophy and General Structure of the Hague Adoption Convention; G. Parra-Aranguren.
Intercountry Adoption: Some Issues in Implementing and Supplementing the 1993 Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption; W. Duncan.
Commentaire sur la Convention de la Haye du 29 mai 1993; A. Bucher.
D. International Refugee Children.
Protecting the Human Rights of Refugee Children: Some Legal and Institutional Possibilities; G.S. Goodwin- Gill.
Refugee Children: the Need for an Integrated Approach Towards their International Protection; M. McCallin.
Asylum-Seeking Children: How to Implement their Right to Family Life; R. Fernhout.
E. Experiences and Practices in Various Regions and Countries.
A Child's Journey Across International Frontiers: The Asian Experience; L.G. Balanon.
Regional Practice: The Asian Pacific Situation; R. Reddy.
Regional Practice: The African Situation; P. Onyango, S. Bali.
Homeless Children and their Right to Family Life: The Reality in Latin America; M.E. Castillo.
Exposicion: la practica regional: area centro-america, El Salvador; M.T.D. Lopez.
The Displacement of Children Regional Practice in Central America, in Particular El Salvador; M.T.D. Lopez.
International Parental Abduction of Children: Selected North America and West European Perspectives; R.L. Hegar.
Quelques considerations sur la pratique de l'adoption internationale dans les pays de l'Europe de l'est et centrale; A. Zugravescu.
Drafting a Russian Law on Intercountry Adoption; O.A. Dyuzheva.
F. Reports of the Workshops.
Report of the Workshop on Child Abduction.
Rapport du groupe de travail sur l'enlèvement international d'enfants.
Report of the Workshop on Intercountry Adoption.
Rapport du groupe de travail sur l'adoption internationale.
Report of the Workshop on Refugee Children.
G. Closing Addresses and General Report.
Enfants déplacés.
Comment garantir leur droit à une vie de famille? M.S. Pais.
Closing Address; E.M.A. Schmitz.
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