International Encyclopedia of Comparative Law, Instalment 30


Vol. III: Private International Law.
Chief Editor Kurt Lipstein
35 Schwartz, Ivo E. / Basedow, Jürgen
Restrictions on Competition.
1995. 140 p.

Vol. IV: Persons and Family.
Chief Editor Mary Ann Glendon
2 Heldrich, Andreas / Steiner, Anton F. /
Pintens, Walter / Will, Michael R. /
Zeyringer, Walter
Persons. 1995. 178 p.

Vol. X: Restitution – Unjust Enrichment
and Negotiorum Gestio.
Chief Editor Peter Schlechtriem
4 Letowska, Ewa
Unjust Enrichment in Eastern
European Countries. 1995. 92 p.
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