A New Charter for a Worldwide Organisation?


This book is based on a meeting, held in Geneva from 27 February to 1 March 1995, which challenged the fundamental conceptions behind the original United Nations by launching an entirely new Charter, written by Maurice Bertrand, for a worldwide organization which could replace the UN, the Bretton Woods organizations and the specialised agencies.
The `Bertrand Proposal', the written commentaries which emphasize different aspects of the proposal, and a summary of the discussions are published in this book. The `Bertrand Proposal' is a major contribution to future research and analysis of international organization and organizations and to the attempts to resolve the present crisis of the international system. The book concludes that since the type of threats against peace, economic security and social development have changed, and the international community has not formulated an adequate response, it is up to a worldwide organization to try to organize the prevention of crises and conflicts.

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Preface; D. Warner. Introduction; M. Bertrand. 1. The Necessity of Conceiving a New Charter for the Global Institutions; M. Bertrand. 2. Schematic Representations of the Current and Proposed Systems; M. Bertrand. 3. Working Paper on the Establishment of a `Charter-Objective' Project for a New World Organization; M. Bertrand. Summary of the Discussions Held During the Colloquium. 5. United Nations Reform Proposals Since the End of the Cold War: An Overview; V.-Y. Ghebali. 6. Commentary on Maurice Bertrand's Proposal; S. Mendlovitz. 7. A Charter for a New World Organization: Comments on Mr. Maurice Bertrand's Proposal; Y. Yokota. 8. Inter-State and Intra-State Norms of Conduct for a New World Organization Charter: A Preliminary Framework; V.-Y. Ghebali. 9. The Political Demand for Change; S. George. 10. Reflections on a Paper by Maurice Bertrand; A.J.R. Groom. 11. Comments on Maurice Bertrand's Working Papers; R.H. Stanley. 12. Comments on UN Reform; C.W. Maynes. 13. Collective Security, Regional Security; D. David. 14. A New Worldwide Organisation? J. Woroniecki. 15. International Organisation, Economics, and Development; C. Comeliau. 16. Commentary on the Proposed Charter for a New World Organisation; M. Bennouna. 17. List of Participants and Contributors; 18. Conclusion; M. Bertrand, D. Warner. Index.