Who is a Refugee?

A Comparative Case Law Study

This book provides a comparative study of refugee case law in Europe and North America. Nearly five thousand decisions were recorded and one thousand five hundred have been considered in the national reports. This descriptive work is followed by a more analytical part, offering a new way to interpret the definition of a refugee based on three elements: Risk, Persecution and Proof (R.P.P.), summarized in the `Theory of the Three Scales'. This book will be of great interest to organisations, practitioners and decisions makers in Refugee Law, and to scholars of Comparative Law.
Of related interest:
Europe and Refugees: A Challenge?/L'Europe et les réfugiés: un défi?, edited by Jean-Yves Carlier and Dirk Vanheule (Kluwer Law International, 1997, 90-411-0347-3), contains a collection of essays analysing the plight of refugees today, paying particular attention to the situation in Europe, and to the new European treaties such as the Dublin Convention, the Schengen Agreement and the Resolution of the European Union.

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